Monday, February 28, 2011

Detroit Runner Virtual 5k

Jeff @ Detroit Runner is looking for people to represent some missing states in his virtual 5k coming up March 5 (also running the week before/after).

The details can be found HERE.

Anyone from AK, UT, NH, or VT out there want to participate??  He almost has full coverage of the U.S.

Jeff has some nice give-aways planned for this run, which is likely to be snowy in many locales including here in Seattle.



  1. Oh man... just when I thought I could join in on something and get over being jealous of all your north westerners who meet up & run together... foiled!! Who cut Canada off that map?? :) (Although I did see a number of international mentions on there so really, I'm sure all are welcome & I'm just pouting!)

  2. Thanks for your comment Alma! SO good to hear that yoga helps you with your training--tried and true!