Friday, February 4, 2011

1 Year Blogiversary

I missed my blogiversary! On February 3, 2010, I started with Waiting For A Swift Kick in the Caboose and now I'm starting the Furman First (Run Less, Run Faster) Half Marathon Training Program. One year ago, this was my plan:

  • Make appointment to see a PT to complete rehab on calf (check, thank you Brian at Madison Park PT)

  • Develop cross-training plan to transition to running (check, started yoga & Jillian DVDs, biking to work, and walk/jogging until I could RUN)

  • Set race goals with friends (check, ran races with old friends/family and NEW bloggy friends)

  • Find support from other new moms who have gotten back into a routine (CHECK, thanks to this "thing" and all y'all, I've come a LONG way)

  • Through 2010 I progressed from walk/jogging to real running and had the pleasure of my first bloggy meet-up at the North Olympic Discovery Half Marathon Walk (Kerrie @ Mom Vs Marathon!) and then running with more PNW and out-of-state bloggers at the You Go Girl 10k/Half and the Santa Runs Tacoma 5k. 

    It took a year, but I'm happy to now be following my Master Plan 2011 (for kicking ASS) and getting geared up to start training for my first half marathon run since 2008. With more training advice, motivation, and other support from the virtual community and my friends/family, I'll be tackling my first ever full marathon this fall. 

    This year, I look forward to:

    • meeting more bloggers (@ New Orleans RNR next weekend, Portland Marathon in the fall, and at other races)
    • racing in at least 3 new states this year (LA, IN, IL), hopefully more
    • setting a new half marathon PR (sub 1:47) 
    • setting a new PR at the Lake Padden Triathlon (rec division; sub 1:15:27) 
    • finishing my first marathon (goal time sub 3:59:36, which was Sarah Palin's time in 2005. i know this is ambitious for a first but a girl has to dream.) 
    • staying injury free




    1. HA! Loved re-watching Rocky run! Hubby & I were there a couple years ago and did the "Rocky run" up those very steps! Got a lot of laughs as I did the little dance at the top.

      2011 is gonna be a great year for you! What race are you running in Illinois?

    2. Happy bloggiversary!!! Sara Palin has nothing on you :-)

    3. Happy bloggiversary! You got me hooked on RLRF, (and I love your spreadsheets!). Now go kick some A$$ this year!

    4. Happy bloggiversary!

      Beating Sarah Palin is an awesome goal!

    5. Happy Blogiversary! Good luck with your goals for 2011, pretty impressive that you made all of your 2010 ones - congratulations!

    6. Happy belated bloggyversary! Let me know when/where you're racing in IL--I'd love to meet up!

    7. Happy 1 year! So glad I got to meet in the last year and get to know you.

      Can't wait to watch you kick MORE ass!

    8. happy anniversary!! Great song too!!

    9. Hooray for blogiversaries!! What an excellent year you've had!

    10. I love checking things off lists...what a great year! And you have some awesome things coming up this year! I'm thinking about Portland in the fall too...might be another bloggy meet-up!!

      Happy Bloggerversary?!?!?!? Awesome!

    11. Happy Blogiversary! I can't believe Sarah Palin was so much faster than me - boo!

    12. Congrats on your blogiversary! Which race are you doing in Illinois?

    13. You have some great goals!

    14. Great goals! With your 1/2 time, I'm sure you'll beat that Sara Pallin with ease!

    15. If I could go head-to-head with Sarah Palin, I'd love to kick her ass. Beating her marathon time is a worthy goal. Here's to a great 2011 for you!