Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pump up

the Jam. A little Technotronic to get me through the week. First week back from vacay is always a bit rough...

Ah, high school dance memories!

So far, workouts are on track this week except this morning I missed a Jillian core workout. I'll have to make it up this weekend, no?

Watched the first episode of Biggest Loser last night and weeped, as always. I wasn't sure I wanted to watch this season because I get so attached to the contestants. Sappy? Yes, but I can't help it. I have to say, though, I heard my favorite all-time quote in last night's episode (from the former pro-wrester's partner):

"Confidence is one thing, smarts is another." 



  1. Wow... gotta love the 80s!

  2. I miss the 80's! Thanks for this!

  3. Love it!! Puts me right back into my junior high gym. :)

  4. BL makes me occasionally cry like a baby. I'm glad my husband doesn't like to watch it, because he'd make fun of me for tearing up over every contestant.

  5. Man, I love that song! I still have the CD :D

    I love the BL... I am voting for Courtney (aqua).

    Intrigued by the secrecy & new trainers. Weird that we don't really know how they weighed in!! Supposed it doesn't matter since they all have a free pass for a month.

    Can you believe Arthur??? Wow.