Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Multi-tasking run

Multi-tasking. This is how mamas, some pops, socialites, bike messengers, and other busy people get stuff done.

Today, I wanted to catch my first run in 10 days (that nasty cold) but also had my "to-do" list smacking me. SO MANY ERRANDS to run before we go out of town on Friday to see family.

What to do? I shut down my computer an hour early, grabbed by credit card, ID, phone, and office keys and ran north two blocks to Seattle Running Company. Quick purchase of the item shown below because I'm TIRED of carrying stuff when I run:
This Nathan waist pouch not only will make me more visible, it will hold all my junk right above my trunk when I'm not using my water belt. Nice! Ripped the tags off in the store, clerk commented on my "vintage" 2007 Seattle Half Marathon shirt (2007 is vintage? I have a 1999 Seattle Half shirt still in my drawer!) then headed UP MADISON STREET to run errand #2: Birth & Beyond for last part of a baby shower gift. 

Anyone who has run the Seattle Half/Marathon KNOWS Madison. From downtown on 1st Ave, it goes UP. And UP. And UP. Then you go down a bit then back up again then DOWN, DOWN, DOWN to Lake Washington. A 2.5-mile chug got me to the store. I ran in, bought my small but critical gift item, then headed back UP and UP and UP and UP before I could eventually come back DOWN to downtown. 

I wanted to hit the bank to pick up cash for the nanny but ran out of time. Drat. Tomorrow. So, back to the office for a 5-mile run and a couple errands accomplished. NICE! Tomorrow, I have a feeling my quads won't be feeling too nice, but mentally I'll be quite pleased about this hill workout. Check out the elevation profile:

I should be able to bike commute in tomorrow, hopefully get my 7-mile run in on Friday (I'm repeating last week's plan since I was on the DL), then do a 4-mile run on Sunday. It's a lot to squeeze in while road-tripping but must do. 

Oh, and BTW, I registered for the Mardi Gras New Orleans Rock & Roll Half Marathon on February 13th. CRAZY! I will NOT be in shape for it but I WILL have fun. 


  1. Awesome for getting a run in while running errands! Great idea! Oh and the hills look scary!! :)

  2. How fun to do the Mardi Gras Half!! You'll kick a**, I'm sure. Anyone who can run hills like THAT can tackle a half-mary in three weeks!

  3. What a great run and way to get errands in at the same time. Brilliant!

  4. Literally running errands... what a great idea. And a great hill workout to boot... not much flat on that elevation chart!

  5. What a great way to multitask. Kick ass!

  6. i did RNR seattle and just walking through the city was killer enough-lucky the race course didn't run through that many hills (although the interstate wasn't great) but literally "running" errands in seattle is impressive! Hope to meet up in New Orleans!