Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm free!

Ok so remember how my PT asked me to tape my ankle for 90 days to intentionally build up scar tissue? I started this crazy taping business on October 13, 2010 (see HERE).

I'm now FREE from the tape. No more itching. No more long hairs after forgetting to shave underneath for too long.

Last week on the 13th, my ankle felt naked and cold. Otherwise, it doesn't feel any different, even when I run. You know what though? I feel like I should switch to the right ankle now because it just seems "unbalanced" somehow. Do you think my right ankle feels left out of the fun? What if my RIGHT ankle gets injured next? Will it blame me for not investing the 90 days to build up the scar tissue to add strength? 

And how do I know this worked, anyway?

I haven't been able to tell lately because I haven't run since Sunday. It's driving me batty! The little man, Baby F, came down with a cold over the weekend and kindly passed it on to me with his juicy kisses. Sore throat, very tired, the usual. I'm hoping to get a run in Thursday or Friday? I feel like I need to at least get my "long" run for the week in:
7 miles, baby!!

Looking forward to getting back to a normal schedule and homefront next week (all regular exercises and no more house guests).


  1. Ugh. It's going around. Feel better soon!

    Nice nekkid (as Zoe would say) ankle!

  2. Holy cow... I dimly remember way back when you put that one. Seems like a looooong 90 days! Hope you are feeling better soon & get a chance to test it out.

  3. whoohooo!awesome to be free

  4. Hmmmm.. hope that it worked and your right ankle does not have ISSUES.. And that you can balance..

    I have caught 3 different forms of germs from my 3 men, I cant remember when I was healthy last..

    7 miles!! WOOT

  5. Enjoy your 7 miles! I hope they're awesome!

  6. Hi, I've read your Bio and that's what I really think. I'm also a mother, a teacher and trying to make fun of running and a healthier life. I'll be following your blog. Good runs, Marluce, from Brazil.