Monday, January 31, 2011

Found art

Ahhh Seattle!

Somewhere near Leschi:

"Trike atop stump"
Pardon the blur. One of the delightful sights from my "long" run on Friday morning. Another hilly Seattle run along this route, which included some good hills and time along the Lake Washington waterfront:

Note the 700+ feet of elevation gain

McClellan St.

This hill came at mile 6+ (see elevation profile above at mile 6+ and note short, steep, nearly vertical incline). See the hill in the distance? That's not really the top. You can't tell, but the road flattens for about 1 block, jogs to the right, then continues UP for another 2 or 3 long blocks (again, see elevation profile for evidence). 

I was still sore from Wednesday's run up & down Madison Street (see HERE) so this was a killer way to end my long run. Missed my run on Sunday so I'm hoping to get all three runs in this week. 


January Re-cap:

The month started out strong, meeting my milage, biking, and core workout goals. Then, the Michigan boys came to stay for 2 weeks and I got sick. These last couple weeks have not been ideal but am trying to get back on track. Instead of a rest week this week, I'll be running last week's miles. 

This will be my last week of base miles before starting the Furman First / Run Less, Run Faster program on February 7 to prepare for the Indy Mini Marathon in May and I'm NERVOUS to start the program but very curious to see how I hold up. 


  1. Eeeek! Hills freak me out, and that one looks like a killer! Nice run :)!!

  2. Good job on the hills, those are killer!!!

  3. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the Furman FIRST plan. I'm using it myself for the first time for a May marathon. I like/support the idea of only *having* to run 3 days a week, but I'm scared about how hard these workouts are going to be!!


  4. You are going to do great with the RLRF plan! Can't wait to read about it.

  5. a trike on a tree stump?! that's hilarious! hahaha.

  6. Hey! I got your comment on running RnR NOLA. I'll def be there and I have friends coming in from NY, TX, and LA. I don't think we've picked out a meeting spot for all the maniacs to take a pre-race picture, but I'll keep an ear open and when I know the local I'll let ya know!