Wednesday, July 28, 2010

10k Training Plan + Accidental FUD Encounter

My next event on deck is the You Go Girl 10k on September 26.

Funny thing - I was just looking for the website for this race and came across a website that had a photo of running shoes, a girl in ski gear, and a funny pink, silicon, funnel-like thing: GO GIRL. I have to share because I've never seen anything like this and I think it's interesting. I can definitely think of a few scenarios where this female urination device (FUD) would have come in handy.

ANYONE out there use a GoGirl or similar device?

From the manufacturer's website:

Ok, so what’s a GoGirl?
Simply put, GoGirl is the way to stand up to crowded, disgusting, distant or non-existent bathrooms. It’s a female urination device (sometimes called a FUD) that allows you to pee while standing up. It’s neat. It’s discreet. It’s hygienic.

Who needs it?

If you camp, you’ll love GoGirl. If you ski, you’ll love GoGirl. If you boat, you’ll love GoGirl. If you travel, you’ll love GoGirl. If you just want to avoid the germs you find in nasty public toilets, you’ll love GoGirl. GoGirl is for active women of all types and ages.
Back to the YOU GO GIRL 10K race...

In addition to the 10k, there is a half marathon that Becka in Colorado @ 50HalfMarathonsIn50States is running (a bloggy meeting!) along with a lot of blogging ladies from the greater Seattle area. I think it should be a good time if I can find everyone. Even one of my aunts is running the half marathon (with a team, Racing Divas).

To prep for this distance, I downloaded another Smart Coach plan from RW:

I had to lie about my current 5k race time to get it to give me some faster pacing goals for training. Instead of entering a current time, I wish it asked you to enter a GOAL race time. Maybe I should have just entered that? Like this past weekend's 5k, I hope to run the 10k as close to 8:00 min/mile as possible.

Let the training begin!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Swedish SummeRun 5k - Race Recap

My Aunt Mary was the matriarch of the family after my gramma died. All the family gatherings were at her house, her kids are my favorite cousins, she was a mom to everyone. In the spring of 2007, she died of ovarian cancer. Usually, once you find out you have ovarian cancer, it's only a matter of time. Many people don't survive more than 5 years after being diagnosed, mostly because the diagnostic tools are so poor. It's not something that is normally screened for and there's no self-exam like for breast cancer.

Since Aunt Mary passed, my cousins have organized our family as team "Walking for Mary" to participate in Swedish Hospital's SummeRun 5k (walk), a benefit to raise money for ovarian cancer research. There is a 10k, 5k run, 5k walk. We all wear shirts with Aunt Mary's photo and we laugh and cry together as we remember our loved one. It's a sad event but also uplifting as you see all the family and friends coming together to celebrate loved ones.

And there are a LOT of teams like ours. After four years, we're starting to recognize other teams who participate every year: Team Lindsey (yellow jerseys), Josie's Posse (tie dye shirts), others. This year I spotted a new team/shirt that left me in tears. Team Queenie's shirts had a photo of a young woman on the front with the years 1981 - 2009 below the photo. And Team Leslie had a record 250+ people!!

In the past, I have walked the 5k with the family two times, run the 10k once, and this year I ran the 5k with my cousin (Army Doc!) and his 10th-grader cousin, T. Little cousin T took off like a bolt and it was all Army Doc and I could do to keep up. I new I couldn't maintain the pace for the whole 5k so I puffed, "Go ahead! I'll see you at the end!"

Both Army Doc & I dropped back and lamented all the beers and pulled pork we'd put away yesterday in my parents' back yard. After a while though, I settled into a groove and felt pretty darn good. Army Doc & I eventually caught up to little cousin T who had never run 3 miles before and was running out of steam. HA! Rambunctious youth!

There is a short but fairly steep hill about 3 blocks from the finish and I was determined to stay strong up that hill. As we started, I pushed up that hill in my cute running skirt and passed both boys, cousins T and Army Doc. I really think the skirt made me feel more powerful as I charged up that hill.

Do you think it's more demoralizing getting passed by a female in a skirt than a female in regular shorts?

I don't know, but it felt good mentally and physically I thought I was going to yak. I stayed strong to the finish and the boys sprinted to catch me at the end but we ended up finishing 1, 2, 3: me, Army Doc, young cousin T. Score one for the "old" folks!

After we caught our breath, we doubled back and met up with the rest of the family to finish the walk with them. One of the aunts had the biggest smile on her face. Last year, she could barely finish the walk. She was in so much pain throughout the walk and was literally the last finisher. She was even passed by someone on crutches! That was a wake-up call for her so this year, she showed up 63 lbs lighter and walking at a good clip. She wants to loose another 37 lbs by the end of summer. Next year, she'll probably be leading the pack! It was so great talking with her about her weight loss. She said she feels years younger, is proud, empowered, and is thinking she can now avoid a knee surgery she was putting off.

My goal was to run 8:00 min/mile and thanks to trying to keep up with those boys, I came really close, finishing in 25:25 (8:11 min/mile). I'm not sure how I did it (beer = carbo loading?) but I'm pretty damn happy.

I'm just bummed I forgot my camera in the car. I do have this one photo from the race:

Next up: You Go Girl 10k! Time to download a training plan...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Jillian Michaels & SOWL Motivation Challenge

I've been listening to Jillian Michaels podcasts and they're really good. Why am I a little surprised? I like her on Biggest Loser and am learning some good stuff on her podcasts, though they're a bit old. So, I decided to look her up online and found out that I am 1 year, 3 days older than Jillian. SO close in age. I thought she was A LOT younger than that (me)!

THAT is motivating. She is in incredible shape and as long as she stays that way, I'll always have to tell myself that if Jillian can do it, I can too.

Kerrie's SOWL challenge is to write about what motivates us. When I'm being tempted by junk food, I often think about how the idea of it is what I'm actually craving. Often, the reality of the junk food isn't as good as I think it will be. I also think about how the junk is full of chemicals (peanut butter cup, almond joy, cheetos, etc) and how gross it is to put that stuff in my body. When I'm being tempted, I also remind myself of how good I feel when I eat healthfully. That said, I DO like to treat myself to quality junk food like organic, dark chocolate (Theo!) and other stuff that has ingredients I can pronounce.

When it comes to exercise, I motivate myself by reminding myself again of how good I'll feel 5 or 10 minutes into the exercise and also after I'm done. I remember how I feel strong, empowered, proud, and more energetic after exercising. Or, I think of how I like how my legs look when they're toned and how I can do more activities without feeling like I'm going to pass out.

All that said, it doesn't always work. I try. You try. We all try to make the right choices but it's very difficult, especially when we're tired. And hungry. So, I try not to let myself get to the point where I'm so worn down. Like this week.

Between work, travel to Montana, and getting ready for the family reunion this weekend, it's been a bad exercise & eating week. I didn't bike commute either office day and I've only run 2x (Tuesday in Montana, easy run today) so far.

I guess I'll call this week a rest week in preparation for this Sunday's Swedish SummeRun 5k. I'm really looking forward to my first running race in two years! What will my time be? I haven't run many 5k's since college but my last one was the Pumpkin Push on October 27, 2007, time of 22:49. For this Sunday, my goal is to run as close to 8 minute miles as possible but I really don't know how realistic that is.

In the meantime, I think I'm going to order one of Jillian's books...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Altitude training in Montana

I'm in beautiful Butte, Montana! Home of Montana's first copper mine, the famous Berkeley Pit, and maybe even more famous, Evil Knievel.

This was a last-minute trip that I wasn't too keen on because I have a crazy family weekend coming up to get ready for and also because I'm missing a Jimmy Cliff concert at the zoo. Oh well, this is a good thing for me for work (build client relationships) and for running (new scenery, high(er) elevation).

I checked the USA Track & Field running database for routes in Butte and found one within a short distance of the Hampton Inn. The 4-mile route went along the Blacktail Creek Trail, out & back. I was a little hesitant about running an unfamiliar trail by myself but decided it would be just fine and it was, except that the elevation here is about 5480 ft, so I was hurting for some oxygen!

I took off from the hotel, sporting my new Bondi Band (photo taken while running so you can see the band in action). It fit well, more loose than the Sweaty Band, but it certainly held my hair in place and didn't slip. Another good purchase.

The Blacktail Creek Trail was a short distance from my hotel but on the way there, I managed to get harassed by some birds who must have thought I was running for their nest? It was kind of embarrassing shrieking down the sidewalk while being chased by two little sparrows. Bullies!

The trail itself was paved and ran along the Blacktail Creek and I-90. It was nice but nothing spectacular. It certainly beat running city streets, though. I liked the familiar smell of the Russian olive trees and sound of the red-winged black birds. Along the route, I passed several walkers and a couple joggers who were headed in the opposite direction. Close to the turn-around point, there was a nice wetland area & signs noting the designation of a bird sanctuary:

And then a sign showing all the trails in Butte. Next time I come, I'll have to do more trail investigating. I bet there are some really nice trails just outside of town, in the foothills.

Since I can't follow directions, I deviated from the nice route that "Rick" saved to the USAT&F database. Once I got to the turn-around point, I saw that the trail continued on, looping back (or so I thought) in basically the same direction only...only it wasn't back in the same direction and I ended up going out of my way. The return route was not nearly as scenic but I did meet a nice tourist from Winnepeg who also was out run-exploring. We chatted a bit about Seattle and Vancouver Island then we each went our own way. Isn't the running community sweet?

I was REALLY sucking wind as I headed back to the hotel. My mouth was so dry I couldn't even spit and I was light-headed. To add insult to injury, the over-protective sparrows chased me again as I intruded on their territory. My little adventure turned into a 4.9-mile jaunt in 42:26.

Anyway, it was a good run and if I don't get to my 800m intervals this week, I won't feel too bad because this certainly felt like a speed workout, only a tempo run. Now to figure out what I can grab for dinner...

[90 minutes later]

...Ok. So Kerrie's (momvsmarathon) SOWL challenge this week was to confess a bad food experience. Well, I think I just created one.

I was starved after this run, I'm alone, I'm tired, I don't know where to eat in Butte. I went to Safeway thinking I would get a deli salad or something. To my credit, that's what I usually get when I'm traveling alone because I don't like to deal with other people when I go out at night alone in small towns and I always seem to end up in small towns in these situations. I've learned from experience with drunken, obnoxious dudes interrupting my dinners, thinking they were being entertaining.

Well, nothing looked good at Safeway so I ended up getting one of those 20-oz beers, a local brew, Bitter Root Brewing Sawtooth Ale (which I had to open with my rental car key for lack of a bottle opener!). I still needed food. I think it could have been worse (I passed Dairy Queen two times), but I ended up at Arby's and got a fry + roast beef/swiss sandwich. I ate it all in about 30 seconds. With lots of ketchup. I wouldn't feel quite so bad about it if I hadn't had a Taco Bell 7-Layer burrito for lunch + ice tea (unsweetened) and nothing but a blueberry scone from the airport Starbucks for breakfast. Totally pathetic. I can hear the "tsk tsk" of every nutritionist right now. There was nothing of nutritional value in my diet today.

SO there you go, Kerrie. A food confession in the present.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Big updates for the week: SOWL, track workout, new treads

Been a while since I've posted and I'm behind on my SOWL updates!

I'll start with today and work backwards...

Sunday, July 18
I just got back from a mini microbrewery tour which does NOT fit well with my SOWL challenge. I will repent this week. I swear!

But this morning, I ran down to the high school and ran 2 x 1600 m (7:53, 7:54) with an 800 m jog in between. It actually felt good though I really can't imagine running that pace for a whole 5k, especially since it won't be on a flat track. The course has a couple good hills, including a nice climb right before the finish. OUCH!

A couple things that made my workout nicer this morning were my new Sweaty Band and new treads. As promised, the Sweaty Band was attractive, stayed in the right spot, and held my flyaway bangs back out of my face despite the fact that I was running at warp speed :) Definitely a good buy. Meet "tranquility:"

I also got a Bondi Band and will be testing that out this coming week.

Saturday, July 17
I've been running in Brooks for the last...6 years or so. I have had quite a few paris of the Adrenaline but this past time I was talked into the Addiction and it is so big and clunky that it's been hurting my feet and makes the whole barefoot running technique I've been trying to replicate in my runners quite difficult. I went to Fleet Feet looking for some lower profile shoes. After wearing motion control shoes since about 1992, I decided to try for some neutral shoes.

The saleswoman at Fleet Feet measured my feet length, width, arch, etc then watched me walk. She brought out a pair of Brooks Ghost and Nike Air Pegasus (old school!). The Ghost felt like running on soft, delicious marshmallows. I'm just not used to such soft, flexible, cushiony shoes! I didn't realize just how miserable my feet have been in my stiff, clunky, stability shoes. I thought surely I was going to buy the Ghost.

Next, I tried the Pegasus. It was like running on cotton balls and I was in heaven. WOW! Those were THE ones. I feel like a traitor to Brooks after all these years but I couldn't resist the extra cushion of the Pegasus. Ah! So around the track they went with me this morning. The bonus was that they were cheaper ($90) than my usual Brooks and I had a 20% off coupon, which made them quite a good buy. She's pretty, no?

I also picked up one of these Sprinter Sticks to rub the adhesions and other stiffness out of my calves. This combined with my foam roller and stretching band are in the hurts-so-good-and-essential-for-running category:

Friday, July 16
Easy run, 3.3 miles @ 11:00ish min/mile. Felt a bit sluggish. Tired from the week.

Thursday and before...
Bike commuted to work Mon, Tues, Thurs this week. Yeah! I think I'm officially a bike commuter.

Wednesday was a long run day. Baby F and I headed to the waterfront and ran up through Myrtle Edwards Park and up along the Elliot Bay trail. The day was hot but the breeze coming off the bay was nice and cool. I was supposed to go 7 miles but it was mid day and I wasn't keen on keeping Baby F out too long in the sun so we went 5.5 miles instead, took about 55 minutes. Still "long" for me so I'm happy with that.

SOWL Update
We were supposed to eat a crazy fruit & veggie we've never had before. That was tough and I ended up with a legume so not sure I really fulfilled that challenge. I had fava beans in the shell that I shucked, boiled, then pulled out of their tough skin. From there, I added them to sauteed kale, garlic, sundried tomatoes, salt/pepper, balsamic vinegar. It was pretty good! I'm bummed I forgot to take a photo.

This week our challenge is to write about a shameful food experience. Still thinking on that one...

Upcoming Week:
The 5k training plan calls for an easy 2 mile run and a speed workout (3x800m). The actual 5k race is Sunday, a week from today!

Tomorrow will have to be a rest day unless I get up early to work out. I need to drive to work (no biking) so I can pick up a friend from the ferry right after work then go out to dinner to celebrate her birthday (no evening workout). Fun!

Tuesday, I fly to Montana for work so I'm hoping to run there in the evening and/or find a pool to do some cross-training Tuesday and Wednesday.

That means I need to do my speed workout no later than Thursday so I can be recovered by Sunday's race :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Interview with a first-time triathlete

This past Sunday, my friend Sarah competed in the U.S. Women's Triathlon Series super-sprint triathlon in Federal Way, WA. This was her first event of this kind - ever! She let me interview her today over lunch so I could share her story with y'all (she's from Texas).

First of all, Sarah was gushing about the whole triathlon experience. I doubt I can convey her level of excitement and enthusiasm about the experience but I will try...

[Note: I am paraphrasing her responses though I'm writing in first person on her behalf.]

What made you decide to do a triathlon? 
I saw an advertisement for the all-female triathlon and it caught my eye. I realized that I needed to find a new "me" and really shake things up. I like to do this once in a while, to step out of my comfort zone and open new doors in my life. That's what I was doing when I moved up to Seattle from Texas all by myself. 

How would you describe your level of athleticism before starting to train for this triathlon?
I could not run 1 mile without stopping and I hadn't rode a bike since I was a kid - I didn't even know how to use the gears! After my first rides, my legs would shake and I had muscle cramping issues.

How has that changed now?
I'm stronger and more knowledgeable about the three sports. I know when to take fluids and what to take to prevent cramping.

How did you train?
I bought a bike and my boyfriend taught me how to use the gears on hills. Once I got used to that, I switched to clipless pedals. I signed up for skill-building classes to help me learn techniques for running and swimming. Also, I followed the 10-week training program provided on the triathlon website. I would say I did about 75% of the recommended training.

What physical changes have you noticed since you started training?
I'm stronger but my body hasn't changed as much as I thought it would. I actually gained weight at first but my body is now less jiggly and is more toned. Also, I used to focus on the body parts I didn't like and now I don't focus on the negative, I focus on what my body can accomplish.

What mental and emotional changes have you noticed since you started training?
I'm more confident in all aspects of my life from work to relationships to sports. I feel like I've climbed to higher levels; this was really an emotional journey. I have a new outlook on life. I feel I can accomplish so much more than I ever thought I was capable of.


What would you recommend to other first-time triathletes?
  1. Don't compare yourself to anyone else. You will just psych yourself out. It's all about YOU.
  2. Do at least one open water swim before the race. Pool swimming is not the same. When I got into the water, everything I thought about my swim training went out the window! 
  3. Learn the basic skills before getting wrapped up in the technical gear (like the clipless pedals). 
  4. Break the training down into little steps to focus on, avoid taking on too much at once.
  5. Take care of your own needs for energy fluids/supplements, don't rely on the race to provide the important things. 
  6. Be happy with your increased level of fitness and mental strength, don't expect a huge physical transformation.
  7. Drive the course so you know what to expect. 
  8. Know that the morning of the race, you'll wake up at 4 a.m. and ask yourself, "What the hell am I doing?!" 
Will you do another triathlon?
Yes! Maybe even this summer. I definitely recommend this U.S. Women's Triathlon Series because of the support you get from other women. This is especially good for women who are intimidated by male-dominated sports. I really liked the supportive atmosphere. Also, I was struck by all the different types of people who competed - big, small, short, tall, skinny, heavy - all types!

What other things do you want to accomplish?
Next time, I want to focus on improving my diet.

Overall, it was an incredible experience. Sarah said she was holding back tears the hours before the race due to all her pent up nerves. She felt the swim was very overwhelming and it seemed like an eternity but the rest of the race flew by. Sarah ended up doing a large portion of the swim on her back, which allowed her to feel comfortable with her breathing and avoid other swimmers' kicks.

When it came to the bike, Sarah found it to be her strongest segment. All her hill training on Bainbridge Island really paid off. She took advantage of the downhills to carry herself up the next hill, using her high and low gears to her advantage.

Prior to the race, she told me that her weakest segment would be the run. She figured she'd have to walk most of it but when it came time, she said it went by really fast. As she approached the finish line, she broke into a huge smile and even the M.C. of the event commented on her big smile. As soon as she crossed the finish, she broke into tears - a huge release of relief and joy.

She is SARAH, hear her ROAAAAR!

Way to go Sarah! You are an inspiration!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tempo time

Friday was supposed to be a 3-mile tempo run or a 6-mile long run. Well, it was HOT HOT all day in Seattle and there was no way Baby F and I were going to get out in the sun for a long run.

Mr. F. got home from work around 7:15 pm as I was making yam-zucchini-corn meal fritters for the little guy, who had just gone to bed. It seemed to have cooled off so Mr. F took over the fritter-making business and I took off on a tempo run.

I used the USA T&F route mapping tool to mark out my warm-up/cool-down routes then an out & back 3-mile tempo route on the Chief Sealth Trail (see photo HERE). After I set out, I realized that I had forgotten to look at my mile marker points so all I had to check my pacing was my time at the mile 1.5 turn-around. THIS is why people use GPS, right?

Not having a good idea of what my 8:25 goal pace should feel like, I set out on a quick pace that seemed sustainable for 3 miles. My first 1.5 miles was close to my target, at about 8:35 pace. I was smiling to myself while running, it felt so good. As I passed a house with a bunch of fresh-faced youths (all boys) having an informal (seemingly unchaperoned) gathering, I imagined one of them yelling to me,

"HEY! Crazy lady! Why are you running on a nice Friday night?"

To which I would reply smartly, "BECAUSE I CAN!"

And then they would think I was pretty cool and would save a cold one for me for after the workout :) But that didn't happen. Their party does explain all the done-up girls I saw walking the trail, headed in their direction though.

My return 1.5 miles was another story. I was debating about whether I would confess, but I HAVE to. It's the point of this blog, right? I had to stop twice at the top of hills to catch my breath and rest. I think my initial pace was a bit fast for me right now, especially with the heat and hills, so my return trip was around 9:00 pace. Overall, I averaged 8:47 pace, which I'm still VERY satisfied with.

The only negative is that I had to walk a couple times to catch up with myself.

The positives are:

  • I made it out for a late evening workout when normally I'd be doing nothing (probably having a cold one while making toddler food to freeze & store for the upcoming week). 
  • It was a beautiful Seattle summer evening with lots of people on the trail. 
  • I came close to my goal pace, certainly went faster than my normal 10:00/mile pace.
  • It was FUN and I'm proud I did it.
Looking back in my training log, my last tempo run was on Tuesday, August 5, 2008 (about a month pre-conception and exactly two weeks pre-injury). I ran FOUR miles @ 7:46 pace. Frankly, I don't know how I did that and if I didn't know better, I would think I had checked someone else's training log. How did I used to run that fast? Will I get there again? 

Next up:

Today: XT or rest, preferably XT on the bike or swim
Sunday: Long run, 6 mi @ 10:00/mile pace

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sweaty Band vs Bondi Band?

Does anyone out there have a recommendation for Sweaty Band vs Bondi Band? 
How about a discount for either?

Summer finally arrived in Seattle and I'm needing something to hold my bangs back. Both brands of bands have some darn cute examples but it's a bit of an investment just for a headband, no?

On other fronts, my pedometer supplied by my employer for the "10k-A-Day" program died. I tried six different batteries, none worked, so I declared Mr. Pedometer dead dead dead. It's a bit of a relief that I don't have to participate in the program anymore because I have to admit, I was getting compulsive about checking my steps each day. I was annoying myself with it so I'm sure my husband was getting tired of it too.

Also this week, I bike commuted to work all two days, got my easy 2 mi (10 min mile pace) in, and even got to go swimming at Seattle's outdoor, salt-water, public Colman Pool in Lincoln Park. I wish I had taken a photo - the pool is directly on the waterfront so as you are in the pool, you can see the Puget Sound and snow-capped Olympic Mountain. Gorgeous!

Tomorrow I need to do either my long run for the week, 6 mi, or a tempo run. It's going to depend on how early I can get up & what kind of child care I can scrounge up...

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer of Weight Loss Challenge

Looking back at when I started this blog in February and was "waiting for a swift kick in the caboose," I am reminded of how much I was struggling. I was having such a hard time fitting ANY exercise time in. In just 4 months, I've really come a long way.

It's been so great finding an online/blogging network of women like me who are trying to be their best and stay healthy. I think that the accountability that I was hoping to get from this blog has really worked out and most of all, the support from other running women out there has been so incredibly helpful. The comments from everyone are encouraging and reading what everyone else is doing helps me stay focused, makes me laugh, gives me inspiration, and provides great ideas for working the work-out into a busy day.

So, in keeping with drawing inspiration from my fellow blogging ladies, I have joined Kerrie (MomvsMarathon) in her Summer of Weight Loss (SOWL) Challenge. Kerrie's challenge starts now and ends on Sept. 22, 2010. As part of this challenge, we are posting our current & goal weight, weekly weigh-in results, body measurements, and "before" pictures. This is a tough one but here goes...

Ok, this is more daring than doing a triathlon with only two training swims...

And more gutsy than riding the mechanical bull at B's 3rd of July party (I'm still sore by the way)...

No more stalling...

Bust: see here
Chest: 31.5"
Waist: 30.5"
Hips: 35"
Midway (a.k.a. muffin-top section): 33"  [This is new since Baby F and what I most want to get rid of.]
Thigh: 23"
Knee: 15.5"
Calf: 14.75"
Upper arm: 12"
Forearm: 10.5"

Since having Baby F, I've lost 40+ lbs. Current weight 140 lbs, goal weight < 135 lbs and to fit into my work clothes again!

And the "before" shots (ugh)...


To help me with this, I'll be tracking my meals at My Fitness Pal and also will resurrect some meal planning sheets / point system that I was using when I was seeing a nutritionist a few years back.

Good luck SOWL ladies!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Interval Delight

The last time I did intervals on a track was on July 22, 2008. I ran 3 x 1600m as part of my marathon training.

I didn't make it to the track for this week's intervals but I managed to get 3 x 800m on a treadmill which means the pace was set, no slacking! I ran each interval at 7:35 pace with 400 m walk/jog in between. That felt FAST! What is Runners World's Smart Coach thinking, making me do that?!?!

This is what helped:
#1: Shakira, Hips Don't Lie
#2: MIA, Bucky Done Gun
#3: Madonna, Like a Virgin

With warm-up & cool-down I logged 5 miles total, which is quite a distance for me these days.

I also managed to get a swim workout in on Saturday (20 min was all I could manage), which felt good but I was TIRED.

Up this week:

Mon: Rest + Dimity core workout
Tues: XT (bike commute) + Dimity core workout
Wed: easy 2 mi run and/or swim/bike ride
Thurs: Tempo, 3 miles @ 8:25 pace
Fri: XT + Dimity core workout
Sat: XT or rest
Sun: Long run, 6 miles @ 9:58 pace

Tomorrow or Wednesday, I'll post my "before" pictures and measurements for Kerrie's SOWL.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Race Plans - Look out cousin (a.k.a. Army Doc)!

Ok, the Swedish SummeRun 5k is only 4 weeks away, but I think I can build up some speed and endurance during that time so that I can push myself. I think I might be actually racing my cousin, Army Doc?

Our team, Walking for Mary, has about 15 people or so who walk it every year in memory of my Aunt Mary who died of ovarian cancer in 2007. I was recently reminded that after last year's SummeRun 5k WALK, I was trash-talking to Army Doc cousin about kicking his booty next time. Well, this summer is it. Army Doc is on a big safari vacation in Africa right now so he's not able to train but he's probably getting some good exercise running from lions & rinos in the savannah?


I downloaded a Smart Coach training plan from Runner's World to help guide me so I can keep from getting completely crushed by Army Doc. The plan consists of 3 workouts per week complimented by 3 to 4 days of cross-training. This isn't exactly the original plan I downloaded, for some reason when I recreated it for the blog the target times came out a bit slower. Oh well, you get the idea.

So far, my first week has included:

Monday: XT = 35 min bike (this is my work commute. I hope this counts?) + Dimity core workout
Tuesday: XT = 35 min bike + Dimity core workout
Wednesday: 2 mi @ 10:00 min pace + Dimity core workout + extra core training from recent RW.
Thursday: rest (Baby F hardly slept, I was pooped all day)
Friday: 6 mi run @ 10:00 pace + Dimity core workout

Today's long run was a BIG deal. It's the longest I've run since August 19, 2008, when I ran 5.1 miles and then tore my calf. I wasn't sure if Baby F would last a whole hour in the jogger so I went to my second favorite park, Seward Park, and ran 2+ loops. I figured if baby got cranky, it wouldn't be hard to zip back to the car and head home. Seward Park is a large, undeveloped peninsula right in Lake Washington. Cool, no?

Since it's been raining, Seattle's mascot was out in full force today:

And we saw this elegant guy:

Goals for weekend:
Saturday: XT or easy run
Sunday: Speedwork

You'll notice my days are kinda mixed up. Since I'm not sure how much time I'll have from day to day, or when I'll have time to work out, I'm being flexible about when I get the workouts in. I just need to be sure I DO get them in at some point during the week.

After I crush my sweet cousin who has served in Afghanistan and other exotic places, I will be downloading a 10k training plan so I can prepare for the YOU GO GIRL 10k in Tacoma, WA. Kerrie @ MomvsMarathon and her bloggy friends are running the 10k/half marathon so I'm going to join them.

I can't wait to meet other bloggy ladies & wear my new princess pink running skirt in a sea of other pink ladies :)