Sunday, December 5, 2010

Week re-cap & pet peeve #2

Congratulations to P and her awesome CIM marathon today (34 minute PR!) and I'm looking forward to hearing from Kadie, Tall Mom, Racing Dawn, and others who ran RNR Vegas this weekend.

This hasn't been the most eventful week but when you're only on a 10 mi/week program, it's hard to get too crazy, no?

Nevertheless, it was a decent week. Got my runs in, commuted on my bike 3 of 4 days (running too late one day & had to make first aid/CPR training), but only got 1 Jillian Michaels workout in. I was SO SORE after No More Trouble Zones that my abs wouldn't allow me to get another one in. So next week, trying for two of her workouts again. Pretty sure I can do it this time.

On deck for this week:
Still building the mileage up slowly. The ankle is feeling fine so I want to keep it that way & not push too much.
I have three easy, 3-mile runs scheduled, bike commuting 4 days, and two Jillian Michaels workouts.

Aside from enjoying the gorgeous clear, blue skies in Seattle this weekend (and shopping madness at the Urban Craft Uprising), I actually have a bit of work-work to do this weekend. Yesterday, I was reading up on a study where the authors fed dioxin-contaminated soils to rats and minipigs and then determined how bioavailable the dioxins were in the soil, and right there under Figure 2, my red pen gravitated to one of my pet peeves:

"...the congeners measured in the liver accounted for a VAST  MAJORITY (86% or greater) of the initial soil TEQ."

These two words used together annoy me every time. I know it's not that big of a deal, but I wouldn't expect to see this in a peer-reviewed, scientific publication...REALLY!?!?!!! Don't they know this is annoying to me and is my Pet Peeve #2?

Definition of VAST: immense, enormous. examples of "vast" are the size of the universe, which has no known limits
Definition of MAJORITY: more than half of something, greater than 50%

I can never understand, when talking about proportions (percentages), how one can refer to a proportion as "vast." I mean really, the most it can be is either 1 or 100% for proportions or percentages, respectively. Right? Is 86% really VAST? And a majority is a majority, greater than half. If it's 51% or 99%, it's just a majority. In this case, describing the majority as vast doesn't tell you anything helpful, it's just there to annoy. It's a majority - no more, no less. If they wanted to convey that the value was nearly 100%, then why didn't they just say so?!


Ok, on my grumpy way to finish work-work, hopefully with enough time to see Dexter before bedtime...

And for all y'all, remember Pet Peeve #1, toxin vs toxicant and think about this "vast majority" business. Please don't use this in any publication that I might have to read for work unless you want to drive me batty on a Sunday night.


  1. First, thanks for the shout-out! :-)
    This post made me giggle. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who gets ticked by bad writing!

  2. hey friend! thanks for looking out from me but i didn't run the rnr in vegas! i'm off to tucson this weekend though - so wish me luck!