Saturday, December 18, 2010

Santa Runs Tacoma 5k Re-Cap + Bloggy Meet-up

This morning, Santa ran Tacoma and so did a bunch of bloggy ladies & my kick-butt Tia Cindy! I missed getting a photo of Tall Mom (she's really tall by the way) at the start - she was off like a flash - and I didn't get to see Kadie much unfortunately because I was running late to the start and she left shortly after the race (Kadie got a PR!). But, I did find Kerrie & Chelsea at the Kids 1k and saw Jill running with her little guy.

No rain but a bit chilly. The costumes were great!

**THANK YOU CHELSEA FOR THE TREATS! (they went great with our drinks, see below)**

Average Runner & kick-butt Tia Cindy
Running trees, very cute
Running serviceman - On the day DADT is repealed!
Kerrie & little T

Jill & little guy during Kids 1k

Running snowflakes
The Grinches

Kick-butt Tia Cindy, Average Runner, Chelsea, Kerrie

Nice mug! And yes, those ARE my kick-ass chocolate truffle spicy cookies!

Post-race drinky-drinks. Mmm!


  1. Love all the costumes -- especially the adorable little Thing 1 and Thing 2 (and I think I see a 3 and a 4!!). So fun!

  2. Looks like a fun race!

  3. I love all the pics. Sounds like a great day. Your cookies look and sound yummy.

  4. It was such a FUN, FUN day! So glad I got to see you! Thank you for the pics!