Friday, December 17, 2010

The mountains are out (and all Seattle is high)!

I'm not kidding! The Olympic Mountain range, Cascade Mountain range, Mt. Baker, and Mt. Rainier are all out and all of Seattle is high.

Clear, sunny days in the winter are not common and when they occur, Seattle-ites are giddy - high on the incredible beauty of the PNW. This offers you a snippet of the snow-covered Olympics from Lincoln Park in West Seattle.

Happy Friday everyone! Tomorrow morning is the Santa Runs Tacoma 5k which will include lots of holiday cheer and best of all, a Sea-Tac bloggy meet-up. Woot!

Baby F & I had a gorgeous run this morning

And we saw a record number of dogs, walkers, joggers

Port of Seattle in foreground, Seattle downtown


  1. That looks so, so beautiful! A long time ago when we lived in Tacoma, it was so clear on my birthday (in November) that we could even see Mt. Adams - it's one of my favorite PNW memories.
    Here in central Cali right now we're toughing out the mother of all rainstorms. Wanna trade???

  2. Your pictures always make me so homesick for the west coast. Thanks for sharing, it looks beautiful!

  3. Oh, and I forgot to say, we are so on for drinks if you come out this way!! It would be great to meet up. :)

  4. Friday was lovely, wasn't? And then today...back to normal. Plus high wind.

  5. Gosh, yesterday WAS beautiful in Seatown, wasn't it? Glad you got to enjoy it! I wish I could have met up for the 5k, just a bit of a drive for me. Have fun!