Monday, December 27, 2010

Master Plan 2011 (Draft 3) + treadmill misery

Ok, I'm feeling pretty good about my fitness & ankle so I've decided to bump up my half marathon training start date from March 7 to February 1.

!!!  I'm so excited to start the FIRST program, I just can't wait until March. Plus, more training improves my chances of getting a PR at the Indianapolis Mini Marathon in May. I think?

Or maybe the 40,000 runners will prevent me from a PR? I just don't know. How long will I have to walk after crossing the start line, just to get through the crowds?

Anyway - Here is the revised plan. This doesn't really show much since the real meat in the plan is all the pacing and speed work but I'll just have to post those weekly since there isn't enough room here. The crazy thing is just all the planning between now and October's Portland Marathon.

Right now, I'm trying to recover from my hilly treadmill workout yesterday. It's been months since I ran on a treadmill and frankly, it sucked. I forgot how boring it is. I always end up playing games with myself with pacing:

"Speed up, how long can go this fast? Pant. Slow down! Wait, speed up to keep my average speed above 6.8 mph. I wonder if it looks like I'm totally sprinting? What pace is the dude next to me going? Damn. Can't tell. I want to beat him. Can I go over 7 mph for a quarter mile? Ug. Slow down again. That dude runs weird. Why is there nothing good on TV? When is another MIA song going to come on my Shuffle? Ok, half mile left, I want to get down to 7:30 miles. Pant. Pant. Ok, maybe not. Wait, gotta keep my average up. That dude is doing a "flat" program. He should be doing random hills like me, then see how fast he can go! Ok, almost done...finally. Treadmills suck and my calves are going to be screaming tomorrow from the barefoot running."  

It's going to take me some time to build up my mill tolerance again. I know I'll be running quite a few of the Master Plan 2011 speed workouts at the gym so I should be getting my playlists ready now. Lame.


  1. Love the "treadmill train of thought" I do that too :D

  2. I think I'm the only freak that enjoys the treadmill, but maybe it's because that is the only time I have any time on my hands to HAVE a train of thought like this one :D

  3. S= swim
    B= bike
    Y= Yoga

    Am I right? I need to know! I'm reading this book because you unknowingly made me!

  4. The treadmills at my gym all face a window that turns into a giant mirror when it gets dark. That means I spend evening treadmill runs staring at my face. The control panel makes it hard to critique my form, so I just want my face bounce and stick my tongue out at myself and contemplate growing my bangs out and wonder if running will make my cheeks saggy.

  5. LOL! Love it! This morning there was a dude next to me on an elliptical and I was wondering if I was going faster than him or not. Hehehe. We can't help it!