Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Master Plan 2011 (Draft 1)

I said it HERE before, now I will say it again and show you the plan to get there...Portland Marathon 2011!

2011 is going to be my running year, the year I run my first marathon. I've love to fashion it after Adam's (I Am Boring) insane 2010 year of 1,000 RNR marathons (yes, he's a Legend), but I don't have the hotel & frequent flyer points that he seems to have.

Much building to do to get to the Portland Marathon on October 9th but I will have a lot of fun along the way. Events between now and then are still up in the air and of course, the overall Master Plan 2011 is subject to change, depending on how my body and rest of my life responds, but here's a first draft.

Step 1: Continue building my base until March 7
Step 2: March 7 - June 27, follow Furman FIRST 3+2 half marathon training plan
Step 3: June 27 - October 9, follow Furman FIRST 3+2 marathon training plan

The FIRST program involves 3 days of HARD running and 2 days of fairly intense cross-training. It's lower milage but people who've followed the plan seem to get good results. AND, it will fit well with doing a couple triathlons next summer since cross-training is an integral part of the program.

Later on, I will post the race line-up. Looks to be some good ones next year, including the Indianapolis 500 Mini Marathon!

Never before have I planned out this many weeks months of training. I really hope my body can pull this off! Right now, hoping to get lots of advice from all you marathon veterans out there. 


  1. HOLY COW. I cannot believe you planned out an entire year of training. I struggle enough month-to-month!

    Can't wait to give this a good look over. It's actually really inspiring & makes me want to do something similar!


  2. I love this! Who doesn't love a good spreadsheet? So neat and tidy! What do you do for the majority of your cross training?

  3. Wow! That is insane planning! Good luck - look forward to reading about your progress.

  4. I have spreadsheet envy. I usually have a spreadsheet taped to the inside of my kitchen cupboard... it totally keeps me focused & motivated with my training BUT I usually only manage 3 months at a time!!

  5. This plan is AWESOME! I swear by running three days a week and doing lots of cross-training. I have two thoughts about your big mileage weeks:
    Running 20 on Friday, then 6 on Sunday is going to hurt! Consider cutting that Sunday run down to more of a recovery distance (I usually do just 2 or 3 miles, but I'm a wuss).
    Since you have three 20-milers on the plan, you might make the middle one a 21-miler, just to build your confidence. Breaking through the 20 mile mark is HUGE and will make you feel like a rock star.
    I'm SO excited for you - you're going to be a marathoner!!!

  6. Planning out a year in advance is good. Gives you the big picture on your training and it looks like you are ramping up the miles accordingly.
    I do about 3-4 days of running and add in some cross training too. One thing that I will NOT ignore this next year is the strength work!!!