Monday, December 6, 2010

I won, I won!

THANK YOU TRESSA @ Training with a track coach and his adorable wife and Rebecca @ BondiBands! Thanks to Tressa & Rebecca, I won my first EVER blog giveaway! 

On my next run (Wednesday, 3 miles), I will be sporting my new, wicking BondiBand headband in "denim." I love my thinner, patterned BondiBands, so I'm sure the thicker band with more wicking power will be great too.

The average runner sporting BondiBand denim wicking headband.
In other great news...

IT DIDN'T RAIN TODAY! So I snuck out a little early from work and got my run in before cycling home. The Christmas lights are out along the downtown waterfront, so it was quite the seasonal delight.

And in other great news...

I received two RunningSkirts in the mail today. I took advantage of their cyber sales and purchased 1 athletic skirt for my kick-ass Tia Cindy from "the Claw" (featured in two previous posts) and a capri "fleurs" skirt for me. I'm luke-warm on the fleurs capri skirt but I think the red hot athletic skirt for my Tia rocks.

And in other great news...

I got to eat one million Brussels sprouts (a favorite average runner woman veggie) with my wild Alaskan salmon tonight. YUM!

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