Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holidays of decadence & worst beer ever

We're taking this week mostly off from work and following on the heels of the multiple Christmas dinners we've had friends over for dinner or gone out every night. If this isn't motivation to stick to my running plan, nothing is.


All the sweet stuff was disappeared into my stomach faster than Pinochet could say "pisco" so no photos.

That said, awesome run today in the 36-degree, sunny weather.

Christmas cioppino

Left-over flank steak makes for great fried egg sands for breakfast the next day. Mmm.

Unfortunately, the holidays of decadence also brought us some of the worst beer I've ever had. I am definitely a beer snob (fresh keg of Manny's Pale Ale in the basement right now!) but I still think there is a place for PBR and the like. Before Christmas, I picked up a couple new-to-me beers from California (including some good stand-by Stone Brewing Co ales) and am so sad to report that the Consecration was poured down the drain. 

Yes, that's how bad it was. I don't know that I've ever done that. In Jamoosh's rating system, this would qualify as a "hide under the couch," which is a step lower than his "won't get off the couch" for this beer category. How disappointing. Especially after paying so much $$. So, I do not recommend this and if anyone out there likes this, I'd like an explanation. 

Has anyone had Russian River Brewing beer from California? 

This Russian River beer wasn't so bad but not a favorite. I would give it the couch rating, not even a 5k-Jamoosh rating. 
Thankfully, I was redeemed tonight at the Elysian Brewery, with their Belgian IPA. I'd definitely give this a Jamoosh 10k rating. YUM!

Next up, a "long" 5 mile run and 3 mile run for this week.

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  1. I rarely drink beer so it's a double disappointment when it's not good. At least the rest of the meal soared.