Monday, December 13, 2010

Do you over-stride? Have shin splits?

A co-worker in our Denver office has completed several full and half Ironman competitions and is generally an amazing athlete from what I hear (as well as a crazy-smart scientist AND engineer). She forwarded a link to a video that makes some interesting points about running technique.

This video talks about how several bad running habits will slow you down and possibly cause injury:

  1. Bounce
  2. Stride angle
  3. Over-stride angle
  4. Toe lift angle
  5. Upper body torque 
  6. Cross-over angle

It takes a while to load and runs a little over 12 minutes so grab a beer hot cup of tea, pad of paper & pen, and check out this informative video. I'm curious to hear what folks think & if anyone has worked on any of these issues and noticed an improvement in their performance and how they feel.


  1. cool information ... but at the end there;s some secret mumbo jumbo marketing stuff

  2. Certainly there's some truth & practicality to the stride length and angle stuff mentioned in the video.
    My thoughts to overstriding is that there's greater demand on the hamstrings and shin. These muscles aren't design to generate power or explosiveness. They are motion control muscles. Waste of energy on muscles that don't propel the body faster. It's a matter of efficiency.
    Check out this link.