Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WORKing it out & H20-system recommendations needed

THIS is what greeted me as I was putting my bike away tonight:

I don't mind rodents, reptiles, and bugs...but please PLEASE keep all arachnids and tailless whips AWAY from me! This photo doesn't do this thing justice. It's eyes were so big, I could count them ALL as they sized me up (thankfully my bike helmet made me look extra-big) and I could see the saliva dripping off it's fangs as it stared at me, waiting to jump onto my face and suck all my blood out - because that is what garage-door-opener-hider-spiders do. For reals.


I've been pretty busy lately but not with running, which is frustrating. I've been THINKING about running quite a bit though. Does that count? I've been having fun strategizing my come-back, which I'll have to share soon.

In the meantime, what the heck have I been doing if I'm not running more than 15 minutes at a time?

(prepare for pity-party)

Well, my PT has given me hours-worth of exercises to do every day, which I haven't been doing 100%. I could say that they make me sore, they're time-consuming, etc but those are just lame excuses. The truth is, I've been pretty damn tired because I've been WORKING extra hours.

Like, "work-work" type of working.

The nature of my business is feast or famine and now I'm in feast mode. After some prompting & pushing from the powers-that-be, I've increased my work schedule from 3 days/week to 4 days/week. First let me say that I'm grateful that I have a job right now. Second, I'm grateful that I am still part-time.


It makes me sad that my nanny is with my son more days per week than my husband & I now. I want to cry so I'm really trying not to think about it too much and am just trying to focus on the fact that now I'll have more childcare and so I should be able to squeeze some run-time in one extra day per week and the extra $$ will be nice before the holidays. Oh - and that's one extra day of bike commuting.

I probably sound spoiled and I would never complain about this to my girlfriends who work full-time and have babes at home but... I just had such a good gig going, getting to enjoy time with Baby F who is so much FUN right now.

(Gramma says, "I never felt worry for someone who had a job.")

Thank you to Depression-era family who help us keep perspective, even when we don't want it. This is, after all, a running blog and in running news, I'm trying to decide what type of hydration system to upgrade to. I know it's premature since I don't need to worry about this during a 15-minute run but it's part of my planning for things to come. Did that sound ominous? It should.

I have a Nathan water belt with two 10-oz. bottles and then I've added one small Amphipod bottle that I usually fill with HEED (the BEST drink). I have felt (in the past, clearly not lately) during long runs that the 26 oz. is NOT enough for longer training runs so I've been debating about stepping up to more bottles or just one bigger bottle. Which?

I know for sure I don't want a hand-held. I need my hands free to do "stuff." Anyone have a brand and/or style that they feel is comfortable, easy to wash, provides enough volume for long (> 1.5 hrs) runs, doesn't chafe, holds a few misc items, doesn't feel too bulky/heavy?

NATHAN Human Propulsion Laboratories not only has an impressive name but also has some impressive (and overwhelming) options that carry > 20 oz.


That's some high-quality H-Two-O!


  1. I don't mind spiders and most things that crawl and have legs, but snakes are the WORST. Can't really even think about them. **Shivers**

  2. The spider freaked me out, so I'm not even going to comment on it - blech!!
    I have almost every hydration system on the market, I swear. I don't totally love most of them, but here's my two cents:
    The Nathan backpack is WAY better than any of their waistpacks. The waistpacks all ride up on me and end up squeezing my stomach rather than sitting on top of my hips where I'd prefer it.
    I just bought a Fuel Belt Helium waistpack and am going to be trying it on a longer run this weekend. So far, I love it.

  3. I use a fuel belt similar to the one in the top left hand picture, with four smallish bottles. I like it... it's enough water for me on long runs and it holds my keys, cell phone and id when I'm doing a race. I think mine is a Nike belt.

    It seems as a parent you are always trying to make a best decision, neither of one which seems appealing. Hopefully your work feast will slow down to a reasonable pace again and you can go back to three days a week. That does sound ideal to me!

  4. I LOVE my Nathan hydration pak. Looking at the webpage, I think I have the race vest (hpl 020). It is so comfortable and after a couple miles I don't even notice that I'm wearing it. I find it far superior to handhelds or wastepacks. Check it out at:

    Check out my blog at:

  5. Great items, it's perfect for a run...

  6. I bought & tried out the single water-bottle-angled-thing, and HATED it. I didn't think I was 'hardcore' enough for the 2 or 4 bottle ones, but the single just went bah-BUMP bah-BUMP with every.single.footstep. I wanted to throw it in the bushes less than 1/2 mile in.

    I have the two-bottle one now, and like it. It does ride up a bit, but I just shove it back down every 1/2 mile or so. I also like that the pocket is extra big - I have a giant cell phone & it fit fine, even with chomps & my iPod in there.

    I also like that the waistband is wide...doesn't bite into my hips & make unattractive lumps!

    (Got mine at Amazon, super cheap compared to the running stores...)

    ((Is it weird that I would worry about my back sweating if I wore the pak on my back?))