Thursday, November 25, 2010

Running, blues, and brews in Balboa Park


Today began with a gorgeous sunrise and 5k run through Balboa Park in San Diego, CA. 6,677 people finished the Father Joe's Thanksgiving Day 5k. I got to run this benefit for St. Vincent de Paul's Culinary Arts Program with friend, Torsion. Torsion is a Washington native currently living in California who became a certified hooper earlier this year! Also, Torsion just started training for her first half marathon - The La Jolla Marathon in April 2011.

Waiting for the start...

There were so many people we had to walk for a while after crossing the start but once we got going, I really enjoyed the course. The first half included some uphills and then finished with a nice downhill and flat back into the park. I loved checking out the landscaping through the park and feeling the sun on my skin. In November! (Did you know it was snowing and 33 degrees back home at this time?! HA!)

All good races end in the beer garden: Sun, blues band playing in the Organ Pavilion, and STONE Brewing Company beer for all! Their IPA and Pale Ale are quite delicious and have quite an effect on an empty post-race stomach. MmmmmM!

And who knew Superman blades through Balboa Park every turkey day? Most impressive was the fact that this guy was holding a pint of beer in each hand...with BOXING GLOVES ON! Try THAT at home!

The course was beautiful and if I lived in San Diego, I would want to do this event again. The race supports a great cause and well, there is beer and music. What better way to kick-off Thanksgiving? One I still get Holiday Booty Buster points for the run even though I poured back an IPA right after?

Torsion definitely earned her points with a hooping demo after Thanksgiving dinner, full belly and all. You can find info about her hooping classes in La Jolla HERE and info about her and other hoopers on her Facebook page HERE. You can find her also by searching on "Hooping with Torsion."  Her hooping is truly amazing - check her out! I didn't capture all her fantastic moves but you can see more on her web & Facebook pages.

Torsion says that hooping is a great workout, but you have to work at it for a while. Not until you get the technique down can you get a workout in with the hoop. Think of those core muscles you would develop!

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  1. Sounds like a fun event, especially the warm weather!! The hooping thing sound cool. I've learned through my kids that I can still hula hoop but can only go one way... I wonder if I'd end up with a lopsided core?!

  2. My friend is a hula hoop instructor and it really is a great workout and fun! Happy belated Thanksgiving

  3. I love Balboa Park!!!a