Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Green light (Take 2)

I know, I know, I've been here before but maybe that was premature. It should have been a YELLOW light, "proceed with caution," because today is really the official GREEN light.

Yeah baby!

Mr. PT gave me the shove-off today and told me to gradually ramp up to my regularly scheduled programming. [I can't believe they sent Aaron home on Biggest Loser last night! What louses!] I just need to keep up with my crazy jumping around on one foot/balancing act/reaches/toe-raises/etc exercises and gradually increase the duration of my runs as long as they are pain free. Baby F will be delighted to get back on the road again.

During this downtime, I've done more than put on a few pounds worth of candy corn and chocolate. I've also been polling people and collecting data for my Master Plan that I hope to unveil this weekend. Unfortunately, I have yet to recruit a co-conspirator. Maybe someone in blog land will want to join me?

In the meantime, I'm wondering who out there besides my two girlfriends "C" and Amy (remember her? she couldn't swim or bike and then did the Danskin tri? well here she goes with another crazy "first!") and my kick-ass aunt (see Exhibit 2) are running the Seattle Marathon/Half Marathon over Thanksgiving weekend? I'm hoping to get out and cheer and would love to have a longer list of people to stalk.

Let me know who's running Seattle so I can cheer for you!


  1. Yay for getting the ol' shove off. Such a relief! I thought about Seattle Marathon but I'll be in San Antonio this weekend. Have fun cheering. Ease up on the training - you don't want to reinjure! :)

  2. I am not running, but I would love to come cheer with you!

  3. Yay for the green light! Must be nice to be given the all clear.

  4. Master Plan? Sounds intriguing! Need more info.

    Did you see my reply to your comment on my blog-o?