Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The chard made me do it

I just feel compelled to post something because it's the last day of November...

Slept in and was running too late to bike to work (I had to be on-time for annual CPR/First Aid training) so I drove. Lame.

Thought about hanging out with Jillian Michaels for a while before having dinner but opened a bottle of wine instead (Bogle Petit Syrah, quite nice).

My one saving grace is that I got my 7 veggie/fruit servings in for the HBBC. To get there, and to get more veggies into Baby F who is 18 months old today, I added loads of chard to my spaghetti sauce tonight. Mmmm!

On November 30, 2010, I am LOVING chard. Looking forward to DECEMBER!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Seattle Marathon/Half Marathon spectator report

Early this morning, Seattle runners rose to temps in the upper 30's and a thick layer of fog over the city. It was chilly but it was DRY!

I had quite a list of people to cheer for but unfortunately only found three people + 1 unexpected person, Kris M. Shortly after mile 5, "B" and I went to Leschi (thank you egg nog latte for keeping me warm!) to look for our runners. On the way to our cheering point, I saw a former cross country teammate (Kris M.) who ultimately finished in 1:38, placing 51st overall. Nice!

Cheering in front of Starbucks, we saw the "C" and beau. So many runners at this point, didn't find anyone else before heading off to the next cheering station: top of Interlaken hill. The Seattle course is grueling, the hills leading from Lake Washington to the top of Capital Hill are about 3 miles long and steep AND come at the END of the course when you are close to spent.

At Interlaken, we were able to cheer for C and beau again but I was disappointed to miss my Tia Cindy and Amy (FIRST half marathon!). Also missed blogger Michelle (The Running Diva).

C & beau in yellow & black

Shortly after this point, the half marathoners cruised to a finish. B & I bypassed the finish to head back out onto the course to find our spunky first-time marathoner, JW. We hooked up with her after mile 13 in Seward Park. I ran for a short time with JW and was wishing I could just continue running. She was so positive and strong, I just knew she was going to finish well.

Later on, we found JW again on the Madison Ave hill, around mile 21. MANY runners at this point were walking. Not JW! She was holding her steady pace and as she passed us, she yelled something that will echo in my head every time I struggle up a hill...

"I'm making this hill my bitch!"

Difficult to spot friends dressed in black&blue - it was a sea of black/blue!

Now THIS is a spectator-friendly outfit!
Congratulations to all the Seattle marathon finishers today!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Running, blues, and brews in Balboa Park


Today began with a gorgeous sunrise and 5k run through Balboa Park in San Diego, CA. 6,677 people finished the Father Joe's Thanksgiving Day 5k. I got to run this benefit for St. Vincent de Paul's Culinary Arts Program with friend, Torsion. Torsion is a Washington native currently living in California who became a certified hooper earlier this year! Also, Torsion just started training for her first half marathon - The La Jolla Marathon in April 2011.

Waiting for the start...

There were so many people we had to walk for a while after crossing the start but once we got going, I really enjoyed the course. The first half included some uphills and then finished with a nice downhill and flat back into the park. I loved checking out the landscaping through the park and feeling the sun on my skin. In November! (Did you know it was snowing and 33 degrees back home at this time?! HA!)

All good races end in the beer garden: Sun, blues band playing in the Organ Pavilion, and STONE Brewing Company beer for all! Their IPA and Pale Ale are quite delicious and have quite an effect on an empty post-race stomach. MmmmmM!

And who knew Superman blades through Balboa Park every turkey day? Most impressive was the fact that this guy was holding a pint of beer in each hand...with BOXING GLOVES ON! Try THAT at home!

The course was beautiful and if I lived in San Diego, I would want to do this event again. The race supports a great cause and well, there is beer and music. What better way to kick-off Thanksgiving? One thought...do I still get Holiday Booty Buster points for the run even though I poured back an IPA right after?

Torsion definitely earned her points with a hooping demo after Thanksgiving dinner, full belly and all. You can find info about her hooping classes in La Jolla HERE and info about her and other hoopers on her Facebook page HERE. You can find her also by searching on "Hooping with Torsion."  Her hooping is truly amazing - check her out! I didn't capture all her fantastic moves but you can see more on her web & Facebook pages.

Torsion says that hooping is a great workout, but you have to work at it for a while. Not until you get the technique down can you get a workout in with the hoop. Think of those core muscles you would develop!

Visited States
Check California off my list!

Visited US States Map from TravelBlog

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NASCAR, here I come to run!

Indianapolis Mini (Half) Marathon Start
What do Nascar and running have in common? ME...and about 34,999 other runners! I am bib #24489.

On May 7, 2011, I'll be running the LARGEST half marathon and 7th largest running event in the U.S. - the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini Marathon.

I'll be staying and visiting with friends who are veterans of this awesome race that finishes on the track of the Indy 500 speedway. I've never ran in a race this large so I'm really looking forward to the experience. Hopefully I can get my act together by then? Need to kick this gimpy-ness!
Meanwhile, lovin' La Jolla!

Sunning seals

Tide pools with sea slug, crabs

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Seattle Marathon Sunday

Ok gang -  I'll be out cheering for folks for next Sunday's Seattle Marathon/Half Marathon (Nov. 28).

Anyone out there running this weekend that I can cheer for? Here's my list so far (need to know paces so I know when to look for you):

Half Marathon:
Cynnie C. 
Katie B.
Adam B.
Amy G. 
Cindy C. (my tia!!) 

Full Marathon:

Who did I miss?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Blast my booty

Me come from Seeattle, you know I got no worries, and if you mess with me, I'm a' daaash my curry!

 No, not really going to dash my curry but I AM going to BLAST MY BOOTY and rake in a bunch of points. 

Are you in? 
 I'm in. This is just what I need to get me through the new year and started on my upcoming Master Plan.
Amanda, at Run to the Finish is hosting the 

Here's the deal-yo:

HBBC Rules
1 Point per mile (run/walk/snowshoe)
1 Point per 3 miles biked
1 Point per 20 minutes of weight lifting, Pilates, yoga, stretching or abs
1 Point per 15 minutes of another form of cardio (i.e. kick boxing, aerobics elliptical)
1 Per day where you reach a minimum of 7 servings of fruits and veggies
Challenge will run from Nov 20 to Jan 7…this helps to cover you for the major holidays!

Additional points: Because I am all about taking care of your entire mind, body, soul connection there will be additional posts/questions where you can earn points throughout the challenge.

Examples of counting points: 1 hour cross training class of weights and cardio: 2 points weights and 2 points cardio.
1 hour cross country skiing: 4
Why is it weighted towards running? The majority of readers are runners looking for added holiday motivation…and it’s my blog. :)
I don’t have a blog can I participate: Yes, but as noted in tracking points there must be some method for us to see what you’re doing. Daily Mile, Facebook, etc.

Keep track of your points through whatever means you'd like...just be honest. I will provide a Google Doc for everyone to enter their points and see how others are doing. The upside is it can inspire you and the downside is some folks get tempted to cheat.  Based on an issue we had in year one, I will probably need to ask for proof of some sort if the winner blows us all out of the water.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sunny San Diego anyone?

We're headed south for the holiday and I'm signed up for the 
Father Joe's Thanksgiving Day 5k in Balboa Park, San Diego. 

Anyone out there running it?

I'll be running it with a CERTIFIED HULA HOOPER! Yup, you better believe it. I'll try to get an interview in to share with you. Maybe even a video?

Fíjate: Sunny San Diego, easy 5k run through a beautiful park on Thanksgiving morning, blues band, pumpkin pie, and BEER garden. 

What better way to start out the holiday?

Let me know if anyone has plans to run it. 

Looking forward to checking a state off my list...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Need training plan advice!

So here's the deal: I've been obsessing about my Master (first ever marathon) Plan and I think I found a training plan I want to do BUT I'm in a bit of a quandry and need ADVICE.


  1. I figured I would need to spend at least four months building up a running base of about 25-30 miles/week before starting a marathon training plan, which would put a marathon about 8 to 9 months out from now.
  2. Mr. PT recommended a training plan of shorter duration to save my joints. So maybe planning a marathon 9 months from now is too far out?  
  3. I researched about five or six different plans, each with varying intensity of workouts, number of running days per week, etc. Pretty much all are 16 weeks long.
  4. I found a plan I like: The Furman FIRST plan seems almost ideal. It requires only 3 days of running per week so would perhaps be easier on my joints AND fit into my schedule well. Each workout in the plan is very high intensity: track workout, tempo, and long run w/ speed every week. You supplement your hard runs with 2 days of cross-training. The long runs for this plan start out pretty intense, beginning with a 15-miler and include five 20-milers throughout the program. YIPES! Maybe too intense? (That part can be modified.)
  5. The Furman Plan recommends having a base of 25 miles/week for at least 3 months. 
  6. The catch: It will take me about six weeks or so to get to 25 miles/week, so that puts me back at a 9-month training program. 
  7. UG!
  8. If I fudge on the 25 miles/week for 3 months prep, I figure I could get enough training in to safely run the Seattle RNR at the end of June. I really don't think I could plan on a marathon any sooner than that, though I had high hopes of running the Vancouver BMO Marathon on May 1. If I do this, I would have to: 
    • Start the official program the first week of March. Seems so soon?!
    • Change up the Furman long runs so that I start with something shorter than 15 miles and reduce the number of 20-milers. I could keep the speed components of the program though :)


(keeping in mind that I'm currently running only about 8-10 miles/week due to my dumb ankle)

Do I pick a marathon next August / September, following the Furman plan to a "T?" 
[IF I make it through the training injury-free, there is a good chance that I would not only finish the marathon strong, I would finish with a good time. The Furman plan has repeatedly been shown to help people run faster than they ever have, plus I'd just be in better shape from having spent more time training.]


Do I just start training with a minimal base and go for broke with the Seattle RNR, just a little more than 7 months away?
[If I do this, I wouldn't be able to go into it with the idea of racing so much as just finishing and not killing myself.]


Other suggestions?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Green light (Take 2)

I know, I know, I've been here before but maybe that was premature. It should have been a YELLOW light, "proceed with caution," because today is really the official GREEN light.

Yeah baby!

Mr. PT gave me the shove-off today and told me to gradually ramp up to my regularly scheduled programming. [I can't believe they sent Aaron home on Biggest Loser last night! What louses!] I just need to keep up with my crazy jumping around on one foot/balancing act/reaches/toe-raises/etc exercises and gradually increase the duration of my runs as long as they are pain free. Baby F will be delighted to get back on the road again.

During this downtime, I've done more than put on a few pounds worth of candy corn and chocolate. I've also been polling people and collecting data for my Master Plan that I hope to unveil this weekend. Unfortunately, I have yet to recruit a co-conspirator. Maybe someone in blog land will want to join me?

In the meantime, I'm wondering who out there besides my two girlfriends "C" and Amy (remember her? she couldn't swim or bike and then did the Danskin tri? well here she goes with another crazy "first!") and my kick-ass aunt (see Exhibit 2) are running the Seattle Marathon/Half Marathon over Thanksgiving weekend? I'm hoping to get out and cheer and would love to have a longer list of people to stalk.

Let me know who's running Seattle so I can cheer for you!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Marathon training BOOK recommendation?

Still laying low, in planning mode.

Can someone recommend a good marathon training book? Maybe one with women in mind? Something that deals with fuel, nutrition, pacing strategy, and training plans would be great. Also, I'd really like something that has been published within the last 5 years.

Please, suggestions welcome!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WORKing it out & H20-system recommendations needed

THIS is what greeted me as I was putting my bike away tonight:

I don't mind rodents, reptiles, and bugs...but please PLEASE keep all arachnids and tailless whips AWAY from me! This photo doesn't do this thing justice. It's eyes were so big, I could count them ALL as they sized me up (thankfully my bike helmet made me look extra-big) and I could see the saliva dripping off it's fangs as it stared at me, waiting to jump onto my face and suck all my blood out - because that is what garage-door-opener-hider-spiders do. For reals.


I've been pretty busy lately but not with running, which is frustrating. I've been THINKING about running quite a bit though. Does that count? I've been having fun strategizing my come-back, which I'll have to share soon.

In the meantime, what the heck have I been doing if I'm not running more than 15 minutes at a time?

(prepare for pity-party)

Well, my PT has given me hours-worth of exercises to do every day, which I haven't been doing 100%. I could say that they make me sore, they're time-consuming, etc but those are just lame excuses. The truth is, I've been pretty damn tired because I've been WORKING extra hours.

Like, "work-work" type of working.

The nature of my business is feast or famine and now I'm in feast mode. After some prompting & pushing from the powers-that-be, I've increased my work schedule from 3 days/week to 4 days/week. First let me say that I'm grateful that I have a job right now. Second, I'm grateful that I am still part-time.


It makes me sad that my nanny is with my son more days per week than my husband & I now. I want to cry so I'm really trying not to think about it too much and am just trying to focus on the fact that now I'll have more childcare and so I should be able to squeeze some run-time in one extra day per week and the extra $$ will be nice before the holidays. Oh - and that's one extra day of bike commuting.

I probably sound spoiled and I would never complain about this to my girlfriends who work full-time and have babes at home but... I just had such a good gig going, getting to enjoy time with Baby F who is so much FUN right now.

(Gramma says, "I never felt worry for someone who had a job.")

Thank you to Depression-era family who help us keep perspective, even when we don't want it. This is, after all, a running blog and in running news, I'm trying to decide what type of hydration system to upgrade to. I know it's premature since I don't need to worry about this during a 15-minute run but it's part of my planning for things to come. Did that sound ominous? It should.

I have a Nathan water belt with two 10-oz. bottles and then I've added one small Amphipod bottle that I usually fill with HEED (the BEST drink). I have felt (in the past, clearly not lately) during long runs that the 26 oz. is NOT enough for longer training runs so I've been debating about stepping up to more bottles or just one bigger bottle. Which?

I know for sure I don't want a hand-held. I need my hands free to do "stuff." Anyone have a brand and/or style that they feel is comfortable, easy to wash, provides enough volume for long (> 1.5 hrs) runs, doesn't chafe, holds a few misc items, doesn't feel too bulky/heavy?

NATHAN Human Propulsion Laboratories not only has an impressive name but also has some impressive (and overwhelming) options that carry > 20 oz.


That's some high-quality H-Two-O!