Sunday, October 24, 2010


GREEN LIGHT on Wednesday meant I could try running again on Friday. 15 minutes, pain free.

So, Friday afternoon I loaded up Baby F and headed out for my "run." I was going to be good with a short trip up to the VA hospital then loop back to the playground where the little guy could play for a while before we walked back.

As soon as we left our alley, I screwed up the plan. Instead of taking the intended track to the VA, I decided to do a mini-loop around our immediate neighborhood and check out the overlook park (view of Elliot Bay) and THEN head to the VA. That was about 0.75 mile extra, I'm guessing.

I fully intended on being good but I forgot to put on a watch so I wasn't completely sure when my 15 minutes were up. I decided I would just listen to my body and let it be my guide but all I could hear was SCREAMING coming from...

...not my ankle thankfully, but from Baby F who was ECSTATIC about running again. The little guy LOVES the jogger and the faster I go, the more fun he has. After 3 weeks without a run, he was screaming at everything and I'm guessing he was thinking, "WTH Mom?! It's about fracking time!"

On the way to the VA, we passed Jefferson Park Golf Course where the PAC10 XC Championships are coming up THIS SATURDAY (I can't wait!!). But remember, we're going to hide from THESE badass ladies! Yikes!

Nice colors, no?
I felt so good, I did another little loop near the VA then finally headed to the playground and let Baby F run around for a while. On the way home, it didn't make sense to walk when we could run, so I jogged it home. In all, my "15 minute run" turned out to be about 3 miles. Oops. 

I could definitely feel my ankle and iced off & on all evening (while enjoying a fresh pint of Manny's Ale and watching a "new" Pedro Almodovar flick). Saturday morning I woke up sore and a bit swollen. 

Dumb-ass! Why why didn't I just do as I was told and stick to 15 minutes? Que tonta! 

I decided to play it safe and take today off. I consoled myself with a "small" piece of 3-layer chocolate cake at my niece's 3-yr birthday party:

Have you ever seen such a fantastically pink & purple cake?!
I will run again Tuesday morning (schedule too hectic tomorrow) and see how the ankle is before my Wednesday PT appointment. In the meantime, I'm still on all my exercises to build up strength and flexibility in my ankle. Despite pushing it too hard on Friday, I do feel pretty good and am confident that I'll be picking things up again soon.


  1. Coming back from injury it is just sooooo hard to hold back! I'm glad you were feeling good and got to run.
    That cake looks amazing!

  2. It's hard to run for such a short time - my physio said I should try 5-10 mins at first, then increase by 10 % each time. 10 mins is hardly worth getting your trainers on! Anything less than 2-3 miles feels like a waste of time...

    Take it easy, and hope it gets better!

  3. It's hard to hold back, especially when you've been smart & kept your fitness up with swimming & biking! Glad the run went okay & hope the soreness is passing. I love it that your little guy happy screams his way along in the jogging stroller, so cute!

  4. Wow! what an awesome cake! and the the tree lined path you were running on is so pretty. Hope your ankle is getting better.

  5. It really is hard to go slowly, but it does work :) be good now you hear ;)

    Ms Switzer, spoke of the firsts that have occured since she ran her Boston marathon (she did speak of her experience with Boston a bit too). She told stories of the series of women's marathons that they organized, very touching.