Wednesday, October 13, 2010

PT update

So last week's pep talk didn't do much good for me. I had good intentions. Really. But now that it's been a couple weeks of time away from running, I've lost my routine and it's just really hard to get myself going again. I haven't done a core workout or yoga or anything at home. Just the bike commute & swim lesson.

A visit to PT Brian this morning included manually loosening my ankle up, taping, and more home work: toe raises and balancing exercises. These are added to some one-legged reaches and being more conscious of my ankles/weight distribution when I stand & walk.

After some very painful massage, PT Brian cheered me up by saying that maybe by next week's visit, I just might be able to run a little bit. I have a feeling it won't be a full clearance to go forward and run - it will be more of a walk-jog thing again. For the best, but depressing. Wasn't I just here a few months ago? Why is my body so lame?

Oh, so the other home work I have is something he says he can rarely convince people to do, which of course made me agree right away before hearing the entire task. He taped around my leg, just above my ankle to provide some extra support to my bones, holding them together. Apparently, this causes scar tissue to form and is a rare case where scar tissue can do some good. He wants me to wear a tape ALL THE TIME for NINETY (90) DAYS. That would be January 13, 2011! He said I can NEVER put pressure on my foot without the tape and after 90 days, I'll have the scar tissue built up satisfactorily. Why do people refuse to do this?

Am I crazy?

He did recommend taking the tape off at night to let my skin have a break, which sounds like a good idea do I walk to the toilet in the night without putting pressure on my foot? Can I hop or crawl in my sleep? Should I just sleep in the bathroom? Maybe I should have stopped drinking liquids (i.e., wine) by now to prevent the need to go. Hmmm. Tonight we will see...

And speaking of drinking water, I took on a fair amount of water tonight during my swim lesson. We had a sub who typically teaches children and he was less than stellar. We got a lot of over-the-top "AWESOME" compliments and not so much specific critique on our strokes. I had low energy from not eating well today (dumb, I know, but rare since usually nothing stands between me & food) and I paid the price during my workout. My goal is always to get 1600 meters in but I stopped at 1000 meters and came home to finally have some lunch/dinner.

Busy day tomorrow so Friday I hope to tackle the PT exercises and either swim or do yoga. Definitely need to get on the core workout routine. Someone please call me & sing Indigo Girls until I follow through?


  1. Wow - ninety days is a long time! Worth it if it works though, right?

    I'm seeing the physio today, and hoping to get a positive diagnosis...

    Good luck, and get on with that yoga etc!

  2. That whole taping thing is interesting. 90 day is a long time, but if they pay off is worth it I think I'd go for it as well. That's too bad about your swim instructor... a good coach can make all the difference. Good thing you didn't have that guy from the start or you might have packed it in!

  3. "I find the less I seek the source of some definitive, the closer I am to fi-i-ine, yeah!" :-)
    I sure hope you get clearance to run (at least a little) by next week. Running makes everything better, and as soon as you get back into it you'll forget that you took time off.

  4. Lol - I just tried to picture myself crawling to the bathroom in the middle of the night. HA! Good luck with that one.

  5. I had to wear the boot for 90 days to see if I could avoid my surgery - I would have taken taping hands down instead.

    I am going to sign up for swimming lessons too (on Saturdays) and hopefully I can get a good teacher. If not, I will count it as weekly practice that I am paying for.


  6. Yep, I'm thinking army crawling to the toliet would be the best bet. That won't make you have to pee ANY more. :)