Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pac10 Cross Country Championship - Recap

Today was the BIG day. The UW hosted the Pac10 XC Championships after 10 years and the Husky women were defending their previous two Pac10 titles. Also, this is the last year for the Pac10. Next year, it will become the Pac12.

Weather: 40 degrees, light wind. Gray, threats of rain.

MC: As always, USAT&F president, Bill Roe, was announcer. Nice to hear a familiar voice at a meet. Really made it feel exciting and bring back all those old XC memories. 

Course: Jefferson Park Golf Course. I was running late this morning so instead of running to the race, I jumped on my bike. Good thing I was dressed in runners though because there was a LOT of running around the course to catch the racers at different points. I don't know how the course was to run, but it was great for spectators since it consisted of a couple loops that we could run back & forth between to see the runners multiple times during the race.

The women started their 6k race at 10:00 a.m. and fairly early in the race were spaced out with Stanford and Oregon runners taking the lead. The ladies went out a little bit "slow" but they still ran some pretty speedy times. Oregon's Jordan Hasay had a strong lead and finished in 19:44 (5:17 pace). Kathy Kroeger of Stanford was second, finishing a full 5 seconds later in 19:49. As the runners came in, it was tough to tell how the scoring after first place was going to shake out but ultimately, it was 1: Stanford (62), 2: Arizona (65), then tie for 3: Oregon/Washington (68). See, they were all pretty close / all mixed up together. Sorry Kerrie, WSU was 9th.

Here are some pics from the women's race:

Coming down the first stretch.

Huskies are on the outside.

Front of pack.

Upper-mid of pack.

Front-runners again.

Top finishers.
This is what running a sub-5:30 min/mile looks like.
At the end of the women's race, I ran into someone I ran high school cross country with who ran cross country and track for the UW. It was great to see him after many years and meet his wife and daughter. Cool! I was actually surprised that I hadn't seen more people I know because I know quite a few peeps from college who are still very serious about running and I was SURE they would be there :(

While I waited for the men's race to start, I decided to hunt down my old coach, Bill Roe, to say hi. He informed me that he's trying to get regionals to Seattle, which means we'd have a REALLY big meet here every 4 years. Yeah! I hope that comes about. I can't wait to take Baby F to these big meets and hopefully get him jazzed about running XC.

As the men were about to start their race, I ran into an old runner buddy from college (WWU in Bellingham) who still lives in Bellingham. [His wife owns the jewelry shop, Whimsey, in Fairhaven so if you ever go to the Ham, check out their shop!] Ok - so Mr. Whimsey has been doing some great running with other folks from Bellingham. They came down with a few people from their track club, including another old college friend who actually ran for UW. Which makes me wonder, how did I know him when we went to different schools? Oh yeah - he was from Bellingham and for some reason used to run with us up at WWU once in a while when he was home visiting. Or something like that. Anyway, it was great to see these guys. We ran around the course cheering the guys on.
Note: I was too embarrassed to ask the guys to pose for a blog pic.

Here is the start of the men's 8k race:
Gun smoke!

You could feel the ground rumble as they went by.

Check out the guy with the "Pre" thing going on - and he's with Oregon, of course!

These are the top 3 finishers as they were coming down the final stretch.
Shortly into the race, the rain started. By the end it was POURING and it was really cold. It didn't phase these guys, especially Stanford and Oregon who were quite impressive. They ran as a pretty tight pack until about half-way when the Oregon team started to break up a bit. Stanford's top runners stayed together though and ultimately finished 1, 2, 3 in 23:00 (4:37 pace). In fact, the entire men's field stayed pretty tight, making it an exciting race to watch. I had thought about leaving the meet after the women ran so I'm glad I stuck around.

Top men's team finishers were 1: Stanford (25), 2: Oregon (56), 3: California (86). UW was 7th (181) and WSU was 6th (158) (you got us on the men's side Kerrie!). What was most impressive was Stanford's score of just 25 points. This shows you how tight and well-placed their team was. Damn!

You can read a full race re-cap and get results HERE at the Pac10 site. The photos they have posted are worth viewing.

That's all I have for today. I've been scheming for my 2011 running rebound. Details to come soon.


  1. What an incredible day! Thanks for sharing all the pics. It's almost unbelievable how fast those kids can run!

  2. Wow! So cool. I totally forgot this was going on. Those first pics of the race start made my tummy all fluttery. And thanks for including the wsu placements. :)