Friday, October 8, 2010

Husky update


I can't believe I was so self-involved that I forgot to celebrate the UW cross country team's great performance this past weekend at the Emerald City Invite!

Both the Husky women and men placed first at the meet. The women, who are ranked THIRD in the nation (they were second but the Oregon women moved up), placed 5 runners in the top 8. The women's race was won by Husky's Lindsay Flanagan (she's only a sophomore, yo!) who covered the HILLY 6 km course in 20:34. You can get a full race report HERE.

Our Canadian friends will be happy to hear that Simon Fraser competed in the "open" race and took 1st and University of British Columbia took 5th of 17 total teams. The winning women's time in the open race was 21:51.

In Alma-land, my ankle is definitely improving. THANK YOU for all the good healing wishes. I hope all of us gimps get back out there soon. I'm hoping to be close to running (maybe another week to 10 days?) and am happy I was able to bike to work yesterday (yeah!). This weekend my goal is to get into the pool.

Only 22 more days until the Pac-10 XC championships! I can't wait to see the Huskies face off with the Ducks. These are some TOUGH looking women, they would have me shaking in my boots...

Oregon women, ranked 2nd (from website)


  1. Good luck with that dang ankle! And go Huskies, or ducks, I can't choose!

  2. He he... never mind shaking in my boots, I'd be peeing in my pants. I always have a nervous bladder before the race gun goes off, and those tough looking competitors would not be helping!