Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bring on the rain

Being a Seattle-ite, I'm totally prepared for wet-weather running. Bike commuting in the rain, however, will be a new experience for me. I've really enjoyed my bike commuting this past summer and credit my commute for my higher level of fitness than my 15 miles/week of running provides.

Fortunate for my upcoming winter snowboarding (yeeha!) but unfortunate for my upcoming winter commuting, it's going to be a WET one thanks to La Nina (see NOAA map below).

I need to be ready for these rains so that I am not discouraged from riding to work and I need to keep riding to work to add to my overall fitness.

As you may know, REI is having some great fall sales right now. C and I headed down and got matchy-matchy cycling jackets to help keep us dry. C also is a new bike commuter and was hit by a car last Friday (she wasn't hurt but her bike wheel was totally bent)! With this recent shake-up, we opted for a HIGHLY VISIBLE option. It features open arm pits, a lower back zip pocket, reflective piping, lightweight material, zip-off sleeves, and a longer flap over the butt and longer sleeves to keep you covered while stretched out.

Novara Convertible Jacket

I already have rain pants and I think my feet will be ok. Well, they'll get wet on the rainy days but I just need a towl for those since I change into different work clothes/shoes anyway.

My next step was to get fenders. Our neighborhood bike shop will be installing those tomorrow so hopefully I can minimize the black road slime up the back that I experienced during the last heavy rain. Beauties, no?

This should mean I have NO excuse to wimp out on commuting right? Well, almost. Still have the wet head issue to think about and since I don't have the guts to get a Sinead O'Connor haircut, I may just be packing a travel hair dryer to keep in my desk drawer. I can't imagine that I'd really need it that often but I would hate to sit in my cold office with a wet head.


  1. You may not have the guts for a Sinead O'Connor haircut, but you definitely have the face for it. You could totally rock that style!

  2. I'm pretty sure bike commuting in Seattle-area weather classifies you as "totally hardcore." Good for you!!

  3. Nothing like a bit of shopping to increase your motivation! Nice jacket :)

  4. I love getting new gear for exercising! Just got some new running tights and I feel faster already... ;) btw - thanks for all the great sources last week for my speech! They totally helped and I found some data! I really appreciate it! And I bet I would have loved the m.o.h. hiphop speech... :)