Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The ankle speaks

Ok, so what have I learned from this go-around with the ankle tendinitis? I know I can get smarter from my latest blip...

Oh wait! Before I get into that - I just have to say that the rainy bike commuting is going great! I'm usually getting passed as I chug up the hill on my way home but today for the first time, I passed two people! It's not a race or anything but I just feel like it's a sign of my improved biking fitness. Yeah!

Back to the ankle business. I think my ankle is telling me...

  • Do your homework. Almost all of the exercises that I've been assigned for my ankle at PT are the same exercises I was assigned this spring to recover from my torn calf muscle. I was good about keeping up with these exercises until late August when I went on vacation and lost my routine. Maybe if I had kept up with my exercises through August & September, I would have been able to avoid this injury. Grrrr.
  • Stay on top of your feet. I'm still over-striding, letting my feet get ahead of me. This puts strain on everything below the knee. I've seen it a few different places but Anne (Asthma and the Gift of Running) is a great example of how achieving 180 steps per minute forces you to increase your turn-over rate, of course, but also shorten your stride length. This keeps your feet under you, where they belong, and reduces stress on your joints. 
  • Easy on the downhill. Over-striding while landing on your toes for over 2 miles of downhill (You Go Girl 10k), is not good for your tendons. Again, keep your feet under your body, especially when inflicting extra impact on your body while running downhill.
Everyone hear me now:


Be consistent. Listen to your docs & PTs. Be smart. Stay strong. Winter is a great time to focus on this stuff.

I've been beating myself up with the "If only I had..." thoughts but at least I can report that I went for another "run" today and it felt pretty good. My ankle definitely is a bit weak but as long as I don't push too hard too soon, I think I'm on a good road to recovery.

In totally unrelated news, with my extra time that I'm not running, I've been able to finish a couple more hats for the babe. Not the best resolution for either pic, but the first is the newest hat with earflaps for those colder days in the baby jogger. I did another owl hat (previously showed off a blue version) but this one is a bit bigger. I really need to stop with the hats for my own little guy and start focusing on knitting up some Christmas presents. Yes, time to start thinking about the holidays again...

Gray & blue stripe earflap hat with ties
Need to add eyes & beak yet

And in totally irrelevant news, sad that Adam got sent home tonight.


  1. No point in beating yourself up with the what-ifs (even though I do it, too!) The exercises my PT gave me for my IT are also strangely similar to the ones I did to recover from my stress fracture - it's all about my stupid weak left leg.
    I LOVE those hats!! I doesn't hurt that your model is awfully cute, too. :-)

  2. You deserve a HUGE high-5 for biking in the rain...on Seattle sreets. And cute hats - I only know one crochet stich, so all my hats look the same. Need to learn how to knit.

  3. Ankle tendonitis seems to be going around. I just commented on another blog about the importance of cross training, stretching and finding the right shoes.

    Hope you are better soon! Congrats on the biking fitness too.

  4. Yay for being on the road to recovery! those hats for the babe look great!