Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Who needs sleep?

Actually, I do. I'm tired and it's not my fault!

This crazy lady, Barbara Kingsolver, just won't let me turn out the lights. I get to bed on time but then she starts weaving this story that keeps me from sleeping. The Lacuna is set in my second favorite country, Mexico, and includes fictional representations of two amazing artists, Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo, though they aren't the leading actors in this story. What are y'all reading right now?

These late nights are making it hard to get up early to do a Jillian Michaels workout pre-work but I am at least bike commuting still. I'm hoping to get some fenders tomorrow to prevent the road slime splatter up the back when the La Nina rains come. And speaking of Jillian...

I'm watching the season opener of The Biggest Loser and I'm proud to say I haven't cried once (show isn't over yet). I think Jillian looks a little disgusted. Is she wearing a pair of Newtons? I'll have to get a closer look...

Tomorrow is swim lesson #2 and there is a chance I won't be able to go because Mr. F is attending a conference all week and might be doing the dinner thing with clients. I'll keep my fingers crossed that he comes home instead, for my own selfish sake. I suppose I could get a sitter to sit next to the baby monitor since Baby F will be asleep by the time I would go, but seems a bit $$. At a minimum, I'll get an easy run in with Baby F in the jogger.


  1. I wish I had cable so I could watch Biggest Looser - its nice to get in a good cry every week. : )

    I'm trying to get sucked into Once a Runner, but it isn't happening yet. Need to read a few more pages I think.

    By the way, glad you caught the Outkast reference on my blog!

  2. Endurance by Alfred Lansing, and then Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky.

    Go to dinner.

  3. I am suffering for the exact same reason! Well actually, I put down the Lacuna on time to get a good seven hours sleep, and then two hours later had to drag my three year old into bed with me because of the big scary thunderstorm that rolled through. My seven solid hours, not really enough in the first place, foiled!

    Good luck getting your swim in tonight.

  4. I only teared up once. The hubs and I actually started to get a little fed up with the sheer number of sob stories they were putting in there! I want to see people crying from pain not from retelling their past tales!

    Hope you get your swim in.