Sunday, September 12, 2010

Realization & Recap

Friday was not going well in terms of getting one of two workouts in (long run or tempo). It just wasn't in the cards between baby shots, doc appt, etc. By 5:30, I had decided to just bail on the idea of getting a work out in. Then it hit me - - just because I didn't have time or space w/ Baby F to get a full workout in didn't mean that I couldn't just go out for a run. Duh.

Why was that so hard to figure out? I almost went the whole day without running because I didn't have time or childcare but instead laced up & got a nice 3 mile run in with Baby F in the jogger. It wasn't a tempo run but it was certainly better than no run at all. We had just enough time to squeeze it in before bedtime and Baby F loved it. Since we were running at a time when the rest of the world was getting home from work, we saw everyone out walking their dogs, playing with their kids, and walking to the store. It made the run quite exciting for the little guy!


Aside from missing my tempo run, I did alright this week. I got 4 runs in, including one "long" run today. I ended up running later this afternoon after doing a good round of yard work and eating pizza for lunch. BIG mistake. NEVER eat pizza before running. I felt so heavy and sluggish - blech! At one point during my run, the thought,

"I will never eat pizza again," went through my head which instantly made me laugh out loud because...honestly...can you think of anything MORE ridiculous than that? How could anyone renounce pizza? Absurd! After that crazy thought, my run actually improved because I was delighted with how humorous I am.

My goal for the 7.5 mile run was 9:00 min/mile, which I thought was going to be fast and possibly not achievable (especially post-pizza). Somehow, I managed to run close to 8:30 min/mile, which explained why I was feeling a bit rough - it was too fast. I'm pretty psyched that I was able to pull it off though!

Maybe it was the music? I need to work on my Shuffle music - CSS, Don Omar, White Stripes work well but I've got some duds on there too. I don't listen to music very often while running outdoors, it's more of a crutch while running on the treadmill, so I don't spend much time working on playlists. If I am able to increase my mileage, I think I could use a little help with the playlists.


Only two weeks until the You Go Girl 10k in Tacoma. A bunch of local bloggy runners are doing this event (half marathon or 10k) as well as one of my college friends who I haven't seen in about a year. I'm really looking forward to the meet up, more than the race!


  1. I, too, am 'delighted by how humorous" you are:) That pizza thought and subsequent rejection of said thought was hilarious! Sounds like some of the crazy conversations I have with myself in my head when I'm running:) Good work on getting that run in even though it wasn't exactly what was on your schedule!

  2. So funny to even consider giving up pizza!! Glad your humor carried you through your (super fast!) run.

  3. Ha! Never eat pizza again?! What an absurd thing to think! I know what you mean though when you're feeling sluggish and it is due to the food you ate earlier - hate that. Way to get a fast run in with your little man!

  4. Hahaha! You ARE hilarious!

  5. What mental discipline... instead of thinking I'm never eating pizza I'd be swearing off the running!

  6. Giving up pizza would be crazy! Glad you figured out how to get your run in!

    I am getting excited to meet everyone at YGG Meet up too!