Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday SOWL Update

It's Friday already - these short weeks are nice, no?

The SOWL goals have not been a priority for the last few weeks due to vacation, being sick...that's about it. But, Kerrie just reminded us that there are only a couple weeks left so I should attempt to finish strong.

I had been dreading this morning's weigh-in since my eating and DRINKING habits were not stellar over vacation and I've only run about 5 times in the last three weeks but I was pleasantly surprised. After popping back up to 140 lbs, I'm back down to 138 lbs this morning. Phew!

My exercise this week has been pretty "ok" but I'm nervous about getting both hard workouts in by Sunday, COB. Today I need to either run a tempo or do my long run but I don't have child care. We have our 15-month doctor appointment (read: SHOTS) this morning so I'm not sure if Baby F will feel good enough to go out for a long run today in the jogger. I'm hoping Mr. F works from home today so I can do my workout during Baby F's lunch-time nap. If only I had a treadmill...

Someday when I get a treadmill, it will really help me boost my milage. I'll be able to take advantage of Baby F nap & sleep times and lay off the house work :)

Good news! I finally made it to Target this week and picked up some hand weights to use during my Jillian Michaels workouts. This means I don't have to use cans of stewed tomatoes and black beans for weights and will get a more intense workout. I'm going to be S-O-R-E after using these the first few times for sure.

I also finally (after a couple months) picked up a new watch band for my sports watch AND I sent my dead Harry the HRM in for servicing too and that should arrive today or tomorrow, so now I'll be able to finally tell the time of day, get more accurate times for my workouts & splits, and see where my heart rate is at. I had been debating about retiring Harry and just getting a Garmin but decided to stay old school for a while longer. My life is already data intensive, best not to create more reasons for me to sit in front of the computer. Right?


  1. Good luck with the shots & getting your run in. I remember the very first round of shots my son got he slept for like 14 hours straight after, just barely waking up to suck back a bottle now and then. It never happened again, but I was always hopeful!

  2. Good job on dropping those lbs! And I really feel for your forthcoming sore arms!

  3. You are a trooper for running with all those responsibilities you have - and still fitting so much in!

    You are awesome!