Sunday, September 19, 2010

Downtown waterfront run at night

Today was a major housework day. Mr. F and I toiled in the basement, clearing years of junk out so we can get ready for contractors to come install a drainage system and hopefully put a stop to the river that runs through it. Messy. Gross. 1,258 lbs to the dump. Most of it was old shelving and wood. Oh - and an old stove.

We worked through lunch then had an early dinner at 5 pm (home-made pozole, corn tortillas, guacamole, and Negra Modelo). Delicious but not the kind of meal you normally eat pre-run.

While waiting for my meal to digest, I set to cooking up some yam/zucchini/corn meal fritters for Baby F to eat this week. Then a little before 8 pm, I set off on a long-ish run by myself. Where to go? Someplace well-lit, someplace well-populated, someplace familiar.

The waterfront!

I put on some reflective gear, headlamp, waterbelt, and RoadID, then packed my phone and bus pass. Running alone in the dark in the morning doesn't seem like a big deal but at night, well, that's when all the drunk, messed up people are out. Between our house and downtown, you have to go through a couple sketchy areas known to be trouble zones for drugs, homelessness, prostitution, and other crimes. I decided I was being self-absorbed thinking that anyone would give two bits about me running by, so off I went.

Leaving our hill, I cruised toward downtown and took this shot from the Jose Rizal bridge. This shows the last little bit of light fading over Elliot Bay.

From there I cruised down Jackson St., going through Little Saigon and Chinatown/International District. I had a too close encounter with a rat that ran across my path so had to pay more attention to my footing. Running under the I-5 overpass, homeless people were bedding down for the night. A reminder to be thankful that I have a home, a job, and lots of family/friends to help me if I ever need it. 

From the IntlDist, I cruised to our Pioneer Square District, which consists mostly of art galleries and bars. Somewhere in here, a truck of guys slowed down to heckle me then circled back again to yell some more. Once they made another turn, I took a quick sprint down Yesler, right past my office, and headed to the waterfront. 

This was a good route. As I had expected, there were quite a few people out, especially couples being smoochy. I passed the ferry terminal, Ivar's Restaurant, Argosy boat tours, the fire station, the Seattle Aquarium, various piers, several restaurants and hotels, the cruise ship terminal, and eventually got to the entrance of the Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Sculpture Park. It's officially closed at night but I took a short dip in so I could take a photo of our Calder sculpture with the Space Needle in the background.

I tried to take other photos of the waterfront but it being dark and all, they just didn't come out very well.

Had I run all the way home, it would have been a little over 8 miles. Instead, I chickened out about running UP our very long, steep, DARK, hill and caught the light rail at the International District station. A few older guys were telling tall tales on the train and giving me a hard time about "cheating." HA. I told them I had run far enough in the dark for one night.

It was just a short jaunt to my house from my stop. Ahhh! I made it! Sunday night run stats:

Distance: 6.6 miles
Time: 56:25
Pace: 8:32
Avg. HR: 167 (80% of max HR) 
(Did I mention that I got Harry my HRM back from the doctor? Yes, so nice to have him home again!)

I'm pretty sure it was adrenaline that carried me through this run. It wasn't the most relaxing run since I was on edge about running into not-so-nice people, tripping on an uneven sidewalk or pothole, or having some other mishap, but I have to say I felt pretty good!

I'm excited to see how I do a week from today at the You Go Girl 10k!

Oh - and in HUSKY news...

Our women & men Dawgs took FIRST place at the Sundodger Open yesterday. I had hoped to make it to the race but ended up taking Baby F to the playground instead (baby trumps all). You can see the women's results HERE. Sophomore Lindsey Flanagan WON the 6k race in 20:34. That is one fast lady!


  1. I am a night runner, and I always freak myself out. Weaving back and forth across the road to avoid "suspicious" looking folks. I totally feel ya there! Good run, though!

  2. Love the pics, sounds like quite an interesting run!!

  3. Sounds like you managed a nice evening run :) ...I'd have totally taken the light rail back up too.

    Great pace!