Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bike Commuting Bliss

I LOVE riding to work.

I'm proud that I've been bike commuting all summer and that now it's become habit. I love the feeling of the cool air in the morning, the quiet of the city in the early morning, the brine smell of the Puget Sound when I hit 5th Avenue as I'm coasting down Jackson St., and the feeling of getting a little easy exercise before starting my work day.

But, fall is coming and it's supposed to be a La Nina fall/winter. That means RAIN. Lots of rain. So, I need to figure out how to gear up so I am not discouraged from biking through the bad weather. I'm thinking I could use:

  • fenders
  • additional safety lights? (I have a 1 headlight and 1 flashing red tail light) 
  • rain jacket w/ reflective tape

I think my panniers will be adequately water-proof and if not, I'll try to ScotchGuard them or something.

Do I need rain pants? Will my feet get very wet? Do I just put plastic bags over my shoes?

What do I do about my hair? Will it get that wet on my way to work? Should I have a dryer in my office to use? Or maybe I should just cut my hair off for the winter? I don't think my husband would go for the Sinead O'Connor look but it sure would be convenient. And if I tattoo my make-up on, then I don't have to worry about it running!

(Lovely Sinead)

Any Seattle/rainy climate bike commuters out there who have recommendations about what they can't do without?

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  1. I have no recommendations but just wanted to say that you crack me up. Tattoo your makeup? You are hard core.