Monday, September 27, 2010

Back in Emeryville, CA

Remember the last time I was in Emeryville?Yeah, disappointing on the running front.

Tonight, I arrived at the hotel at 8pm-ish, threw stuff on the bed and ran back to the lobby to meet co-workers, walked to dinner, filled up on Thai food and shared a bottle of wine, returned to hotel room at 10:30pm. It's late. I'm exhausted. Training starts tomorrow at 8am and goes until 6pm then we race to the airport for our 8:15pm flight back to Seattle.

I decided not to fool myself this time that I would get up early and run. I didn't even bother bringing my running shoes.

Thank goodness because I'm EXHAUSTED and tomorrow will be even crazier.

One of these times, though, I'm going to bring my running shoes and actually make it out to that pier for a view of SF & the bridge.

I think I'll be taking it pretty easy this week. Easy run Wednesday & Friday. Bike commute to work on Thursday. Saturday...Maybe run the Mud Mountain Dam 5k in Enumclaw with one of my best friends ever, who I hardly get to see even though she's just down the road in Black Diamond...

Hmmm...still thinking about it. I'm actually sore from yesterday's 10k...

Time to get some rest!

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  1. Next time you're out here and decide to run the bridge, I EXPECT you to tell me so we can meet up!!!