Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Treadmill intervals

I was SO tired this morning after only 6 hours of sleep last night (I'm addicted to Rescue Me and it's on way too LATE). But after missing my speed workout last week and thinking about the shame of having to post that I bailed on my workout today, I chugged a cup of coffee and headed to the gym.

As TMB@Racing with babes says...


I feel so good about doing my interval workout! Hooray for shaming myself into it. Feeling much more energized now. The details:

  • 1% incline to make up for the treadmill advantage (is that sufficient?)
  • 3 x 800m @ 7:30 pace
  • 400m recovery jogs @ 10:30min/mile
  • 2.75 mile warm-up/cool-down @ 10:00min/mile
  • 5 minutes barefoot running

The barefoot running feels like heaven now, it always gives my feet a nice stretch. Ahhhh!

So the 800's felt good once I finally relaxed into the pace. I was pretty tense during the first one, worrying whether I could keep up the pace, my arms swinging too high, my feet hitting the rubber too hard, my knee landing correctly over my toes, keeping my core tight, etc. Neurotic or perfectionist?

M.I.A. helped me with the tedium of the treadmill. Her music is a great pacer for speed workouts.

It doesn't help that it gets so darn HOT in the gym. I was SWEATY! Check it out (gross). The back of my shirt was entirely wet except for an outline where my sports bra was.

Thank goodness for my (super-cute) sweaty band! 

In other news:

  • Bike is in the shop until next week getting the derailer adjusted & a general tune-up so that will impact my bike commuting. I count on that as part of my cross-training so I'll have to try to make up for those lost minutes somehow. 
  • Heart rate monitor is officially dead. I've been trying different things to get it going but it appears the transmitter is dead. So, I have to decide if I want to get it fixed ($50 if only a battery problem) or put that money towards a Garmin ($150). Any thoughts?


  1. way to push through! looking good in the ice cream tank!

  2. Nice job on your intervals; what a confidence booster to be able to hit your pace!

    My garmin came with a HR monitor and I really love it. Of course, now, I am totally addicted to the dang thing, so I'm not sure what to tell you. It's nice to run without the constant reminder that you are or are not hitting your paces, but at the same time I honestly love having the convenience of the garmin AND the HR monitor!

  3. Great workout! Yep, sometimes it definitely takes the potential guilt of blogging about bailing to make a workout happen. Thanks also for the RW smartcoach advice at my blog. I've created a 10-week plan for my trail 10-miler in October. Hopefully I'll be able to hit the midweek runs this time.

    I bought a timex ironman watch with the HRM online but it hasn't arrived yet. I use runkeeper on my phone for GPS tracking and am looking forward to being able to track heartrate now. I love geeking out over the numbers even if they don't aren't great!

  4. So funny that you shamed yourself into working out - that's EXACTLY why I got in the pool today, too, I didn't want to admit my slacking to the bloggy world! Awesome job on your intervals! And I vote for a Garmin, I really love mine.

  5. We will be having a pre-race carbo load dinner the night before and probably a photo op before and after the race. Email me and I will make sure you receive the TEAM emails... We have many many people who have joined the TEAM..

    Hugs!! Mel