Thursday, August 12, 2010

SOWL Frustration

We're about half-way through the SOWL Challenge and I have made NO progress. I definitely feel more fit but I haven't lost any weight. I was two pounds down and now I'm back up to my starting point again. It's SO frustrating because with the exception of the one week after the Swedish SummeRun 5k, my workouts have been going really well this whole summer.

Then today after biking into work, I put on my dress that used to be my "big girl" dress and it was TIGHT through the rib cage. Then I weighed myself and confirmed what my clothes were indicating. ($*#$&@!! I'm not as concerned about the actual number on the scale as much as I want all most my pre-pregnancy clothes to fit me again.

In the last week or so I have definitely been trying to ratchet the workouts up a couple notches but it's clearly not enough or it hasn't been long enough. AND, I must not be watching my calorie intake as closely as I should. I eat a ton of veggies (we get organic produce delivered from a local farm) generally have a pretty darn good diet but I think the calorie culprits are:

  1. Beer (we have a kegerator in the basement) 
  2. Red vines (they have the Costco-sized tub at work)
  3. Mixed nuts (they have the Costco-sized tub at work)
  4. Portion sizes


I feel like my indulgences are fairly moderate, like one schooner of beer in the evening (it could be more than one!). BUT, even a little here and there obviously adds up.

Kerrie's (MomVsMarathon) SOWL challenge this week is to make our own challenge and it's clearly time for me to get serious, right?

My SOWL challenge this week:

  • TWO-A-DAY workouts until we leave town for a wedding next week. I don't know that it would be practical to expect that level of activity while traveling but I will do my best to keep it up for the next week until we go. 
  • No booze. Except for the other wedding we have this weekend (I can have champagne for the toast, right?), I'm not going to drink. No Belgians, no IPA's, no ESBs, no ambers, nothing. 
As for the work-outs, two-a-days mean a run + bike, bike + circuit training DVD, run + brisk walk...basically anything that I can do get my heart going two times a day to burn some extra calories.

I have a run date at 10 AM tomorrow and will try to get to the gym or do a video later in the evening after Mr. F gets home.



  1. I'm in the same boat as you I'm afraid to say. Good luck with your new challenges you set!

  2. Your workout routine sounds like a great idea :)
    I find it so hard to lose weight unless I weigh, measure and track everything I eat. I'm just not good at intuitive eating :-(