Monday, August 23, 2010

MCM Mama Goes Masters Race Re-Cap

Well, given that Baby F was sick when we left Seattle and the Mr. and I were sick by the time we landed seven hours later in Hartford, CT, it is no surprise that my training didn't go as expected last week. So last week turned out to be my recovery week (instead of this week) and this week I'll have to do my best getting my workouts in while visiting my in-laws in Michigan. Tricky due to their location but I'll see how it goes...

But HEY! I actually got a run in today (between sniffles and falling branches) and not just any run, but I did the
4.0 miles in honor of MCM Mama's 40th birthday. Check out the course in beautiful Manchester, Vermont:

First let me say that everything we've seen in Southern Vermont so far is just cute, cute, cute, cute, and just "wicked" cute. It's so damn quaint here it doesn't really seem real. This little village is quite the gem and we really enjoyed the wedding festivities over the weekend. Our lodge is a bit outside of town so I ended up driving in to do my run. I began/ended my route at the Fly Fisherman's Museum, located near the flagship Orvis store & rod factory. Very cool!

I meant to wear my racing bib, but it was sprinkling out and the colors were running so a quick photo of the bib then it was off and I took off down the sidewalk...

Only it wasn't a sidewalk like I'm used, no, no, not in wicked cute Manchester. Their sidewalks are marble and their curbs are cut out of granite. Yes, granite. If only my kitchen counters were so nice!

We had a crazy wind storm last night that took the power out from about 8:30 pm until 5:30 am and so my route was littered with downed branches and some unfortunate folks had downed trees.

 And a trip through a very old cemetary with stones dating back to the early 1800's.

I made it back to the Orivs lot in 36:04. I had hoped this could be my 8:30 pace tempo run I didn't get in last week but overall, a good pace considering my cold, the gusty winds that were blowing against me regardless of the direction I ran, and that I had to slow down to gawk at the sights now and then.

So there you go, MCM Mama! Happy 40th Birthday from a Seattle-ite who raced for you in Vermont! Tonight I celebrated with a few different local microbrews, some locally made cheese and bread, and some moose summer sausage. Mmmm!

Tomorrow we leave Vermont and head to sunny Michigan to see family. Maybe I can talk someone into doing a fun run with me?


  1. Wow, I love all the pics - what an adventure you had on your race!!

  2. Great race recap :) :)

  3. Granite sidewalks? Nice, wish I could get that for my countertops!

    Nice pace for your run! I especially like your celebration of local!

  4. hey found you from MCM cause we almost had the same finish time... maybe if I would have had some golden sidewalks I would have been slightly faster :)