Sunday, August 15, 2010

"Mama Goes Masters" virtual race

MCM Mama is turning 40 on August 25th and in honor of moving into a new age group, she's organizing a virtual race! You can read the details HERE.

In summary:

When:  August 25th (or whatever date between August 20-25 that works for you.)

Distance:  You have three options:

  • 4.0 miles in honor of turning 40
  • 8.25 miles in honor of the actual day
  • 40K if you dare.  (If you are crazy enough *coughToniacough*, do it whenever in August it works for your training, just let me know when you plan to do it.)
Cost:  Free 

On MCM Mama's actual birthday, I will be in Michigan visiting in-laws. I was planning on running while I'm there but it will be a little more challenging picking which days I get to run and how far (in advance) so instead of doing 4.0 miles ON her birthday, I'm going to shoot for a 4-miler sometime between 8/20 and 8/23 when we'll be in Vermont for a wedding. 

If I can make the race happen in Vermont, I will get to put a big check-mark on my map of the U.S. as having run a race in VT! (I ran several races while living in MI back in 1997-98 so that state is covered already.) You can see from my [lack of] progress HERE, that I can use another state under my belt!

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