Sunday, August 8, 2010

Long Run Sunday + Alt X-Training

So yesterday I was headed home from the best brewery ever, Georgetown Brewing Company, where I picked up a couple growlers for dinner when I saw this crazy bicycle contraption. You can't completely see it in the photo, but there is a row of recumbent cycles in the very front, in addition to the peddlers in the middle & up top. I'm thinking this would be a great way to get to work - bike-pooling!

Which means that I'd need to find another cross-training outlet so maybe I'd try...trapeze arts? Who knew we had a trapeze center just a couple miles away?

Well, maybe not. The cycle machine was moving pretty slow and I think the trapeze would make me nauseous. You gotta love how unique Seattle is though! 

Today, I headed out to North Seattle for a run with Super C and Riley, the cutest dog ever. We ran from their place along the Burke Gilman Trail to Magnuson Park & Lake Washington. We crashed a wedding of some sort along the water. I'm not sure what type - there were a group of women in white satin-like dresses with white head scarves and a group of young men all in white. The crowd was dressed up, mostly hovering under a large tent to avoid the drizzle, and there was music playing on a loud speaker but I couldn't make out what language it was. I'm guessing Russian or some other eastern European affair? 

It was a great run to end the week. I hardly ever get to see Super C so it was nice to have a full hour to get caught up. Stats: 5.7 miles, 1:01:18, 10:34 pace.

Oh - and you have to appreciate my new cool t-shirt (you can get yours here: TMB Endurance):

I love how when I look in the mirror, the shirt is telling me to get going (you can't tell from the photo, but the print is in reverse). I usually wear a size S/M but since these run small, I ordered a L and I like the fit.

All in all, I came pretty close to my goals this past week. I fell short on my cross-training, which consisted of one 30-Day Shred Workout, 1/2 day bike commute, and one day with Yoga Meltdown. We had out-of-town friends staying with us which made it a little hard to do exercise videos in the living room. The good thing is I got all my runs in: 3 mile run, 800m intervals, and long run.

Next week will be another tempo run week, I hope to add more cross-training, and will resume bike commuting.


  1. Okay, the trapeze idea sounds totally fun! Although since I'm picturing the days when I easily swung around like a monkey on playground bars, I'm sure now 30 years later I'd be in for a rude awakening to how hard it actually would be!!

  2. The shirt looks fabulous! I love the backwards text too, you can't help but pay attention when you see your reflection!

  3. Love the shirt! While your cross training fell short, I think any amount you can squeeze in is beneficial. Like most of us, we all seem to find room for improvement in our training schedules. Keep up the consistent running!