Sunday, August 29, 2010

Home sweet home

Just made it home this afternoon after 10 long days on the road. Vermont was gorgeous and Michigan was quite relaxing. Baby F just loved his farm experience. It was sad to tear him away from all the cousins, animals, swimming pond, tractor, golf cart, and fresh raspberries/tomatoes/beans/peppers/other garden delights, even if he did have to work for his supper...


I was hoping it would take me at least an hour to fill in my running log tonight with all the runs I completed while on vacation and I'm sad to say that in all those 10 days, the only run I got in was the MCM Mama Virtual 4.0 Mile Run.


The last two weeks were a total wash. Between being sick (still fighting congestion) and all the traveling and family business and staying up too late, I just didn't get any other runs in. I guess I am well-rested now?

So this week it's time to get back on track. Mr. F stayed behind in MI to do some work but should be home mid-week (yes, I just flew home with a toddler by myself!) so I may have to rely on the Jillian Michaels videos until he returns. That's ok though, I just gotta get movin'!

This coming weekend we're taking off again for a trip to the ocean so I'm really looking forward to getting some runs in the nice salty air. Ahhh!

Now to get caught up on laundry and reading everyone's blogs...


  1. It is hard to get motivation to run while traveling, especially when you're sick! I try not to let that hang on my shoulders - it's in the past, now you can look forward to a fresh, new week. I LOVE running at the coast - there is a nice paved trail in Westport I've ran many miles on. : )

  2. Welcome home to the beautiful NW weather! Don't be too hard on yourself, I tend to suck at running on vacation too! Hope you feel better and enjoy your quality time with Jillian.