Monday, August 2, 2010

Bikey Done Gun

Bikey done gun & quit today.

This is NOT where the chain (red line) is supposed to be located in relation to the frame (green line) and chain rings (blue line):
It's a little difficult to make it out, but the chain is totally jammed, which means nothing moves. The red line is supposed to be ON TOP OF the blue line, not between the blue & green lines, no-man's-land. It happened a short while into my commute today and I spent a good 15 minutes tearing my hands up yanking it out. I rode about 3/4 mile and then it happened again. At that point, I was so late, sweaty, and frustrated, I just rode my bike in by pushing it with my feet - like a sitting scooter. Long commute. Dead bike.

That means tomorrow I'll be riding my racing bike in to work. Fun & zippy but no panniers so carrying stuff is not so convenient. 

Sounds like folks are interested in the Jillian Michaels DVDs so I'll definitely do reviews as I get through them. I had hoped to do her 30-minute yoga workout tonight but ended up doing a spontaneous happy hour with a visiting principal from our Chicago office instead. Or maybe this is all the more reason to do it - work off that beer + fried calimari + slider + onion ring?

Hmmm...yeah. I'll chug some water & be good to go. Will report on the YOGA MELTDOWN later. 

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