Friday, July 2, 2010

Race Plans - Look out cousin (a.k.a. Army Doc)!

Ok, the Swedish SummeRun 5k is only 4 weeks away, but I think I can build up some speed and endurance during that time so that I can push myself. I think I might be actually racing my cousin, Army Doc?

Our team, Walking for Mary, has about 15 people or so who walk it every year in memory of my Aunt Mary who died of ovarian cancer in 2007. I was recently reminded that after last year's SummeRun 5k WALK, I was trash-talking to Army Doc cousin about kicking his booty next time. Well, this summer is it. Army Doc is on a big safari vacation in Africa right now so he's not able to train but he's probably getting some good exercise running from lions & rinos in the savannah?


I downloaded a Smart Coach training plan from Runner's World to help guide me so I can keep from getting completely crushed by Army Doc. The plan consists of 3 workouts per week complimented by 3 to 4 days of cross-training. This isn't exactly the original plan I downloaded, for some reason when I recreated it for the blog the target times came out a bit slower. Oh well, you get the idea.

So far, my first week has included:

Monday: XT = 35 min bike (this is my work commute. I hope this counts?) + Dimity core workout
Tuesday: XT = 35 min bike + Dimity core workout
Wednesday: 2 mi @ 10:00 min pace + Dimity core workout + extra core training from recent RW.
Thursday: rest (Baby F hardly slept, I was pooped all day)
Friday: 6 mi run @ 10:00 pace + Dimity core workout

Today's long run was a BIG deal. It's the longest I've run since August 19, 2008, when I ran 5.1 miles and then tore my calf. I wasn't sure if Baby F would last a whole hour in the jogger so I went to my second favorite park, Seward Park, and ran 2+ loops. I figured if baby got cranky, it wouldn't be hard to zip back to the car and head home. Seward Park is a large, undeveloped peninsula right in Lake Washington. Cool, no?

Since it's been raining, Seattle's mascot was out in full force today:

And we saw this elegant guy:

Goals for weekend:
Saturday: XT or easy run
Sunday: Speedwork

You'll notice my days are kinda mixed up. Since I'm not sure how much time I'll have from day to day, or when I'll have time to work out, I'm being flexible about when I get the workouts in. I just need to be sure I DO get them in at some point during the week.

After I crush my sweet cousin who has served in Afghanistan and other exotic places, I will be downloading a 10k training plan so I can prepare for the YOU GO GIRL 10k in Tacoma, WA. Kerrie @ MomvsMarathon and her bloggy friends are running the 10k/half marathon so I'm going to join them.

I can't wait to meet other bloggy ladies & wear my new princess pink running skirt in a sea of other pink ladies :)


  1. What a pretty run! And now I know where Seward Park is because I walked near it when I went to cheer on the Rock 'N' Rollers!

    Hope your training goes well and you WIN!

  2. I am flying out for the You Go Girl race! Can't wait to meet everyone!

  3. Seattle's mascot... heehee.

    Good luck with the training, looks like a great schedule.