Monday, July 5, 2010

Interval Delight

The last time I did intervals on a track was on July 22, 2008. I ran 3 x 1600m as part of my marathon training.

I didn't make it to the track for this week's intervals but I managed to get 3 x 800m on a treadmill which means the pace was set, no slacking! I ran each interval at 7:35 pace with 400 m walk/jog in between. That felt FAST! What is Runners World's Smart Coach thinking, making me do that?!?!

This is what helped:
#1: Shakira, Hips Don't Lie
#2: MIA, Bucky Done Gun
#3: Madonna, Like a Virgin

With warm-up & cool-down I logged 5 miles total, which is quite a distance for me these days.

I also managed to get a swim workout in on Saturday (20 min was all I could manage), which felt good but I was TIRED.

Up this week:

Mon: Rest + Dimity core workout
Tues: XT (bike commute) + Dimity core workout
Wed: easy 2 mi run and/or swim/bike ride
Thurs: Tempo, 3 miles @ 8:25 pace
Fri: XT + Dimity core workout
Sat: XT or rest
Sun: Long run, 6 miles @ 9:58 pace

Tomorrow or Wednesday, I'll post my "before" pictures and measurements for Kerrie's SOWL.


  1. 7:35 pace... OMG that is fast!! I would have been flying off the back of the treadmill. :)

  2. Good job on the intervals!!

  3. Okay those interval are seriously fast! I need some inspiration to do the same! And speaking of inspiration... I just checked out Kerrie's SOWL blog post and totally want to join... I feel bad being some kind of weird lurker, but how awesome is that?! Unfortunately I'm totally not ballsy enough to post anything on my blog about it, so more power to you!! You are going to rock it!! :)