Sunday, July 18, 2010

Big updates for the week: SOWL, track workout, new treads

Been a while since I've posted and I'm behind on my SOWL updates!

I'll start with today and work backwards...

Sunday, July 18
I just got back from a mini microbrewery tour which does NOT fit well with my SOWL challenge. I will repent this week. I swear!

But this morning, I ran down to the high school and ran 2 x 1600 m (7:53, 7:54) with an 800 m jog in between. It actually felt good though I really can't imagine running that pace for a whole 5k, especially since it won't be on a flat track. The course has a couple good hills, including a nice climb right before the finish. OUCH!

A couple things that made my workout nicer this morning were my new Sweaty Band and new treads. As promised, the Sweaty Band was attractive, stayed in the right spot, and held my flyaway bangs back out of my face despite the fact that I was running at warp speed :) Definitely a good buy. Meet "tranquility:"

I also got a Bondi Band and will be testing that out this coming week.

Saturday, July 17
I've been running in Brooks for the last...6 years or so. I have had quite a few paris of the Adrenaline but this past time I was talked into the Addiction and it is so big and clunky that it's been hurting my feet and makes the whole barefoot running technique I've been trying to replicate in my runners quite difficult. I went to Fleet Feet looking for some lower profile shoes. After wearing motion control shoes since about 1992, I decided to try for some neutral shoes.

The saleswoman at Fleet Feet measured my feet length, width, arch, etc then watched me walk. She brought out a pair of Brooks Ghost and Nike Air Pegasus (old school!). The Ghost felt like running on soft, delicious marshmallows. I'm just not used to such soft, flexible, cushiony shoes! I didn't realize just how miserable my feet have been in my stiff, clunky, stability shoes. I thought surely I was going to buy the Ghost.

Next, I tried the Pegasus. It was like running on cotton balls and I was in heaven. WOW! Those were THE ones. I feel like a traitor to Brooks after all these years but I couldn't resist the extra cushion of the Pegasus. Ah! So around the track they went with me this morning. The bonus was that they were cheaper ($90) than my usual Brooks and I had a 20% off coupon, which made them quite a good buy. She's pretty, no?

I also picked up one of these Sprinter Sticks to rub the adhesions and other stiffness out of my calves. This combined with my foam roller and stretching band are in the hurts-so-good-and-essential-for-running category:

Friday, July 16
Easy run, 3.3 miles @ 11:00ish min/mile. Felt a bit sluggish. Tired from the week.

Thursday and before...
Bike commuted to work Mon, Tues, Thurs this week. Yeah! I think I'm officially a bike commuter.

Wednesday was a long run day. Baby F and I headed to the waterfront and ran up through Myrtle Edwards Park and up along the Elliot Bay trail. The day was hot but the breeze coming off the bay was nice and cool. I was supposed to go 7 miles but it was mid day and I wasn't keen on keeping Baby F out too long in the sun so we went 5.5 miles instead, took about 55 minutes. Still "long" for me so I'm happy with that.

SOWL Update
We were supposed to eat a crazy fruit & veggie we've never had before. That was tough and I ended up with a legume so not sure I really fulfilled that challenge. I had fava beans in the shell that I shucked, boiled, then pulled out of their tough skin. From there, I added them to sauteed kale, garlic, sundried tomatoes, salt/pepper, balsamic vinegar. It was pretty good! I'm bummed I forgot to take a photo.

This week our challenge is to write about a shameful food experience. Still thinking on that one...

Upcoming Week:
The 5k training plan calls for an easy 2 mile run and a speed workout (3x800m). The actual 5k race is Sunday, a week from today!

Tomorrow will have to be a rest day unless I get up early to work out. I need to drive to work (no biking) so I can pick up a friend from the ferry right after work then go out to dinner to celebrate her birthday (no evening workout). Fun!

Tuesday, I fly to Montana for work so I'm hoping to run there in the evening and/or find a pool to do some cross-training Tuesday and Wednesday.

That means I need to do my speed workout no later than Thursday so I can be recovered by Sunday's race :)

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