Monday, June 14, 2010

Yup, I'm sore!

I biked to/from work today and my quads were burning from that hill I ran yesterday. For the second time, one of my panniers flew off my rack and I got a long scratch on my laptop. It still runs but hopefully our IT folks won't get mad. At least a car didn't run over it!

At lunch, I hiked UP to Pike Place Market to show some co-workers a really great deli (I brought my lunch) then went to the post office to mail Baby F's 1-year photos to his Gramma F and realized, I FORGOT MY WALLET! So, I had to hike back down to the office, get my wallet, then hike back UP to the post office to mail stuff. Then, I went to Sound Sports to replace the swim cap I left at the Y last week. Oops! It took more time that I really had today but at least it was exercise and hopefully makes up for that beer I had with dinner.

Did I mention that we have a kegerator in the basement? Yeah. It makes it really hard not to have a beer every night with dinner. I use a small glass to help control the calorie intake but you know...

It tastes so good when it touches my lips!!  

Thank you, Will Ferrell. 

Ack! Don't make me laugh because my abs are killing me from those crunches on the ball from damn Dimity's workout last night. I think I'll recover tonight and do the workout again tomorrow night.

With the 48 minute round-trip bike commute giving me 250 "equivalent" steps per minute biked (as per Cornerstone Fitness, the company running this 10k-A-Day Challenge for my company), I am up to 19,108 steps today. Woohoo!


  1. But it's a good sore right? :) I got a good laugh at your post this morning since for some reason I read that your panties flew off while riding your bike. What?? How does that happen??

  2. We have a kegerator, too! But it is empty right now. Boo!

    Nice job on biking to work! I was thinking about that the other day, but I'm too scared.