Thursday, June 24, 2010


So, I got two weeks of crash-training in for my triathlon then this past Sunday I flew to Chicago for some work-related training (Father's Day of all days!). After sitting in the plane and getting checked into my sweet downtown hotel...

Sunday: BIG steak. BIG beer. Mmm.

Monday, training all day. Then (this is good) I did an architectural walking tour for 2+ hours. Downtown Deco: It was FABULOUS! I highly recommend this tour by the Chicago Architecture Foundation. I am glad to have gotten this exercise after Sunday night's rich meal and prior to the Monday night meal at an Italian chop house.

Monday: BIG steak. BIG wine. Mmm.

Tuesday, training all day then flight home. At home, notice sore throat. Feeling pretty heavy from all the big meals and drinks.

Wednesday, runny nose and feeling crummy all day. I was able to pull together a good meal of salmon cakes (we just picked up a 42# case of silvers). No beer or wine.

Thursday, can't get out of bed. Nanny comes to watch baby F and I'm still sleeping. I finally rolled out of bed feeling a bit better and eventually got to work around 11 AM. I'm actually feeling quite a bit better but cancelled my training swim at the Y with partner, KH, tonight. I'm still pretty wiped out.

Alma to KH: "I can't swim tonight - I can barely breathe. Can we just not do the tri and say we did?"
KH: "I already rented my wetsuit. We're doing it. It won't be that bad, it'll be fun."
Alma: *sigh*

So there it is. I'm being a lame-ass and want to bail on Saturday's triathlon. I'm tired. But KH is right - it won't be that bad. I just need to have fun with it. Suck it up Alma!

Now the unpleasant task of trying on my wetsuit that I haven't worn in two years to confirm my suspicion that it doesn't fit...


No real accomplishments this week (yet) and no goals except getting over this cold and my bad attitude and finishing the triathlon on Saturday in one piece.

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  1. Oh no! It's hard to find any motivation when you're feeling sick. Hopefully you are feeling better by Saturday morning and it's a fun event. I can hardly wait to hear about it as I've always though about doing a sprint tri.