Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mid-run English-Japanese language lesson

For my day off today, I packed up Baby F and headed to one of my favorite Seattle run spots - Alki Beach.  My goal for today was a 2 mile run, 9:58 pace. 

It was cool on the water but nice anyway. The first mile out was 10:00, so pretty good. On the way back, I was maintaining my pace until I passed a guy on the boardwalk with a giant video camera who flashed a sign at me: 


I paused to look and the guy quickly started explaining that he makes videos and books teaching Japanese people how to speak "American" English. He showed me a lesson book with his picture on the back cover and explained what he needed help with: to interview 500 Americans. He was up to 480, only 20 to go. 

Sure, why not?!

He gave me a microphone to clip on my shirt, a notebook with words to read, and then pointed a video camera at me and Baby F. He started the interview by asking me to state my name and occupation, how long I'd been working in my field, what I like to do on the weekends, and what I know about Japan. 

I talked about our famous Mariner, Ichiro Suzuki, my favorite author, Haruki Murakami, and about the fish market I visited in Tokyo once. 

Baby F doesn't look very impressed. 

He then had me read words with the letter "K" and asked me to explain how to make the "K" sound. That was tricky - how DO you explain it? 

And that was it!

Back on my path, I finished the 2 mile run on pace then spent some time with Baby F playing on the beach. 

Sometime this week, I need to run a track workout (3x800m) and get a 6-mile long run in. This is all part of my Runner's World Smart Coach 4-week 5k training plan to get ready for the Swedish SummeRun (see my page here). My family will be walking it again but I decided I'd try to RUN it. 

Maybe even race it? 

(butterflies in stomach, just thinking about it!)


  1. Love the story of meeting the Japanese fellow along the way... how cool! Murakami is one of my favorite authors as well. :)

  2. Hello my "average" running friend (though, you do triathlons... that's WAY above average in my book!)!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! One of my best friends lives in Seattle, so if I'm ever up visiting her I PROMISE I'll shoot you a note and we can run!

    I'm looking forward to hearing about your RACING this 5k! You can do it. :) How exciting!!!


  3. You crack me up. What a run! See, you just never know what adventure you are going to go on when you head out for a run!

    How DID you describe the sound "K"?