Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm going to be sore tomorrow...

This morning, I went for my "Cheasty uphill" loop run. It's a 3-mile loop from my house and about half of it is one LONG uphill. Somehow, I made it up the whole thing without stopping to walk! During the uphill portion, I saw what was either a dead, flat crow or black cat. I tried not to look close enough to figure out which it was (it was ON the trail, had to swerve and avert eyes to avoid). Also, I saw a dead mouse that had one little leg sticking up in the air. It was actually kind of cute - poor little guy. Don't be sad though - it's not all gloom up here - I also saw a (live) squirrel and lots of birds.

I'm going to be sore tomorrow from that hill, but a good sore. 

During the run, I mixed in some plyometrics. It seems like there have been quite a few Runner's World recommendations to add those in (along with wind sprints) to your regular workouts so today I actually remembered. After recovering from the hill, I did 20 each of high knees, butt kicks, bounds, and skips. After looking online when I got home, I can see that wasn't enough but it was a good start.

I'm going to be sore tomorrow from those plyos, but a good sore.

Later, I did some yard work, mopped, ran up & down the stairs doing laundry, etc. The typical routine. Took a nice walk with Baby and Mr. F to hear music near the light rail station which should help to loosen those muscles. Just now while watching the Tony's, Mr. F (did hell freeze over?) and I did Dimity's core workout that Kerrie recommended the other day. It's really a good one! I can already feel my abs and lower back tightening up. We did two sets in 30 minutes. I asked Mr. F to help me (and him) do that workout at least twice a week, preferably three times. That core workout was a good warmup for my PT exercises. Remember those? Yeah, I still need to keep at those.

I'm going to be sore tomorrow from that core work, but a good sore. 

A VERY good day of being active. So far, I have 22,988 steps taken today for the big 10k-A-Day challenge we're doing at work. That should make up for some lighter days. Woohoo!

Again, this week should include a trip to the pool, at least one bike commute, the Dimity core workout (2 times!), and of course, my favorite, some running.  

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  1. Wow! Full day; nice job!

    Love that core workout. Guess I should get on that for today...