Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bike, run, swim

To take advantage of child care and no work today, I decided to do a brick workout.

I went to the Y and rode the stationary bike for 20 minutes, level 5, hilly course, 5.3 miles total. The Lake Padden Triathlon coming up 1.5 weeks is 10 miles and I have yet to go that far (my work commute is only 2.5 miles each way). Eep!

After the bike, I jumped onto a treadmill where I did 5 minutes of barefoot running for the first time in about a month. Yeah - that means my calves are going to be killing me tomorrow. It was really good though to have that reminder of how my gait is supposed to be when I have shoes on. I then did another 15 minutes of regular running then 5 minutes of walking. In all 25 minutes, I got 2.3 miles in. A little short but o.k.

It felt SO good about getting that workout in! And I was relieved that my running form hadn't seemed to have slipped too much from the barefoot style even though I hadn't gone barefoot in so long. Talks-to-close PT guy would be happy.

I have bought no work clothes since before I was pregnant and the only shoes I've bought lately are Dansko. Comfortable, yes. Dressy, no. I'm still not fitting into all my pre-pregnancy work clothes and I've been too (a), stubborn and (b), cheap to buy new work clothes. I'd rather buy fun workout clothes or cute jeans. Well, I need to suck it up and accept that it's going to be a while before I get rid of this post-baby body and maybe never will be the same as I was before.

I totally struck out on the clothes. BUT I scored in the shoes department! Somehow I managed to find two pairs of nice, dressy, but comfortable shoes that were originally $130 each for just $23 each at Macy's. How do they stay in business?? CRAZY!

Tonight my friend KH called and got me to meet her at the Y for an evening swim. Our swim leg of the triathlon is about 1/4 mile. My goal for swimming tonight was to do 1/2 mile. I didn't quite make it but I was able to go the full quarter mile (9 laps) continuous without stopping. I don't know if I've EVER done that in training without breast- or back-stroking for a little while to rest and catch my breath. Yeeha! I rested for a bit after the 9 laps because it totally worked me to do that much. I was able to get another 5 laps in before I headed to the sauna to relax.

While doing the bike, run, and swim, I could totally feel my sore abs from the damn Dimity core workout that Mr. F and I did Sunday night and last night. It's a "hurts so good" thing.

I think tomorrow will be a rest day. I'll take the train to work in the morning (good walking) instead of biking and not worry about any workouts except the core workout in the evening with Mr. F.

Friday will be a good day for running - it's supposed to be sunny and close to 70.

I'm off for a REALLY good sleep tonight...


  1. Okay, just reading about your day made me tired!! Nice job. :)

  2. You are so ready for your tri!! Good Luck :)

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