Saturday, June 12, 2010


For the last two weeks, I have averaged approximately 11,780 steps walked per day.

My company initiated a two-month walking program on June 1 and the goal is for everyone to walk about 10,000 steps per day (~ 5 miles). Everyone wears a pedometer and each day we record our steps walked on a little website. Each office competes for the most steps walked per person. I'm not sure what we ice cream party? HA!

10k steps is actually quite a bit unless you exercise. I think most people don't exercise? You can see my daily average is not so hot but I'm doing better - biked into work one day last week and best of all, made it to the POOL. I forgot how good it feels to swim. I was really nervous because swimming is so challenging for me but it wasn't half has difficult as I thought it would be (e.g., I thought I would drown but I actually survived).

Wearing this pedometer has been pretty interesting. I find myself walking to the coffee shop a couple blocks farther rather than going to the one closest...or walking to the next train stop down the route rather than taking the one right next to my office. I think those extra few blocks add up each day.

The sun is actually out and it's sweltering in Seattle (70's) so a run tomorrow AM will be quite nice in this weather. Up this week: swim again on Wednesday and at least one day of bike commuting. Also, shooting for 3 runs, minimum of 3 miles each.

The icing on my cake will be to take Kerrie's lead and do some home workouts to strengthen my core. Go Kerrie!

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