Monday, May 24, 2010

Slacking just a titch

Despite being inspired by the Biggest Losers last week, I haven't really run much. Strangely, I'm ok with it. I had a pretty intense yoga session last Thursday (remember, lunch-time workplace offering!) and was happy to have sore abs on Friday as a result. We did lots of v-sits but they weren't called that of course. Whatever they were, they burned and were awesome.

Friday I got a good HILLY run in along with some stairs which I felt on Saturday while I did about 6 hours of straight yard work. Seriously. I think that takes the place of a run. I was sweating as I carried around giant bags of mulch, planted flowers & veggies, moved pots around, pulled weeds, uprooted iris and euphorbia that are taking over our beds, transplanted some shrubs to make way for the new AIR CONDITIONING unit going in this Wednesday (bring on the heat!), raked the beds, lugged around bags & 50-gallon bins of yard waste...and more. It was intense and I was completely exhausted on Saturday.

Sunday, we stimulated the economy by shopping for new patio furniture at Sears which required a lot more heaving lifting of chair and table parts in & out of the truck and around the yard. Weight training!

All that yard work that I used to do all the time pre-baby was really tough for me now. It made me realize how weak I am, especially in my core. I had to really grunt it out pulling the metal rate through the beds - something I would have had no trouble with pre-baby. This underscored the need to incorporate some strength training, even little exercises around the house like push-ups & sit-ups. I'll add that to the list...

Tomorrow is another work day but I'm hoping to bike in again. Wednesday should be a nice run day with Baby F. No yoga this Thursday because our instructor is in Hawaii. The nerve! After that, I'm looking forward to a 4-day weekend.

13 days until NODM!


  1. Yard works counts in my book as a workout. Cannot wait for the long weekend although mine is only 3 days.

  2. You've definitely work hard this week and it totally counts as running. Have a great week!