Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Seven Random Things

Yeah! Thank you Lisa at Lisa Runs? Wait...what? for the Versatile Blogger Award. I am supposed to list seven things about myself then pass the award along.

Ok, here goes...

1. After seven years of post-secondary education and 12 years of working as an environmental scientist, I sometimes get paid to vacuum people's houses with a custom-made $2,500 vacuum that is made of neon orange and blue parts. This can sometimes be a very gross experience, depending on the home. This is usually coupled with interviews and collection of the home-owners urine and/or blood. I NEVER would have pictured myself doing this kind of stuff.

2. Never say never. I always swore I would never run a marathon, that running that far (or longer) was the most idiotic thing a person could do. After a failed attempt in the fall of 2008, I'm hoping to run my first marathon in 2011. Someday, I want to run Boston.

3. Never say never. I always swore I would never have kids. I was always too busy drinking wine, reading books for book club, knitting, traveling, etc. I now have a boy turning one this weekend who has added a new dimension to my life that I never could have fathomed. What an amazing gift in my life! I can't wait to celebrate Baby F's birthday and look forward to the wondrous years ahead.

4. I've won one race. In 1996, the summer after finishing college, I won a 5k in Richland, WA. It was a small community race, my main competition was a local high school runner and I think the locals were mad at me for winning. The prize was a wonderful fruit basket. I don't remember what my time was...I was just all about the pineapple.

5. In my dream world, I'm a hip-hop star like Mala Rodriquez, Calle 13, Salt & Pepa, Mary J, Aliyah...or maybe just a back-up singer slash tamborine player for Santana.

6. I'm addicted to the needle. Knitting needle. I have a short attention span so I like to focus on hats & scarfs. A sweater is my "marathon" of knitting. Someday I'll knit a beautiful cable pattern sweater.

7. My version of hell: Eating tripe or any other chewy intestine-related tissue while listening to RUSH at University Village during Christmas-time. I can't stand that food, music group, and place. Put all three together and you have a complete hell. Maybe throw Indigo Girls in with that too.

So there we have it. Seven random things, not all running-related. I don't follow many blogs and several of those have already been tagged, but would like to hear from:

Janna at Go the Distance
Christy at It Just Looks Like Slow Motion


  1. Sorry it took me so long, but I finally posted my 7 random things. THanks for the nomination! Mine aren't nearly exciting as yours. :o)

  2. OMG. #7 cracked me up!

    Things we need to talk about Sunday:
    1. Vacuuming human urine
    2. 2011 marathons
    3. My son just turned 2. Didn't think I wanted kids either.
    4. Fruit baskets