Saturday, May 15, 2010

Keeping up

I think I'm keeping up with things and that's a good feeling.

Mon/Tues work days were a wash but Wednesday I got a 3.5 mile walk/jog in, which is good. Although I wonder, since I walk to/from the light rail station during my commute, I wonder if I can count that milage on my work days? It's not much but it's not "nothing" either. I'll have to measure the distance and think about that one.

Thursday was a great day because for the first time since...pre-pregnancy, I rode my bike to work!! It felt SO good. I've been eyeing the bike commuters jealously lately, watching the nice breeze whip past their faces, the sun on their skin, their firm calf muscles. Well, I finally got back on my bike and hope to make a habit of it. It's pretty much all downhill & flat on my way to work which is nice because I don't need to shower when I get there. On the way home, it's a VERY steep uphill so even though it's a short commute, it's a butt burner.

The weather has been fabulous here lately so yesterday on my day off, I was sure to get out. In the morning, baby F, Skinny V, and I walked once around Seward Park (2.4 miles). We saw baby geese, ducks, lots of shore birds, and kids & dogs galore. It's so nice to see people out enjoying the good weather. Seward is my second favorite park in Seattle (Lincoln Park is #1) so it was a great way to start the day. In fact, I'll be heading there today as soon as baby F wakes from his nap.

Later yesterday, I met KH for a run along Alki in West Seattle. My dad came over to play with baby F so I got a chance to run sin baby jogger, which was quite freeing. I took along a beer in a cooler and a couple sippee cups so KH & I could split a little post-run, sunny Friday treat along the water. Ah! Check out the Seattle skyline & clear sky:

Since I didn't get a long walk in last weekend, I REALLY need to pull one of this weekend which I guess means tomorrow since it's not likely to happen today. I think I'll plan a 12 mile loop route in West Seattle along Alki to Lincoln Park and back. Maybe KH can join me for a portion? I'll have to give her a call...

IN other news, I've been using My Fitness Pal to track my calories. In the last week, I've seen my daily calorie intake go down. It definitely is a deterrent to eating junk if I know I'm going to have to record it. Good tool!

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